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Turn Crisis Management into Opportunity

A crisis is a company’s worst nightmare, so the speed of a company’s response is key to controlling damage to your brand’s reputation. In our “always on” digital world, information flows across channels like lava, burning and then solidifying as fact.

For a brand’s most important asset — their customers — this environment is forcing the constant questioning of what’s true and what’s not. And when the truth is in question, brands lose trust first, and revenue second.

Brand Loyalty

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What to Expect from Crisis Management & Alerts

Identify and respond to potential crisis situations before they spiral out of control with real-time news and social alerts, and full situational context let you respond quickly and effectively. Develop and implement strategies to minimize the impact of such things when they strike. If a crisis becomes unavoidable, you can meet it head-on, get through it, and put it in the rearview mirror as quickly as possible.

Mitigating a crisis before its starts to spiral, with planned and well-thought-out responses, and understanding the full scope of the issues at hand are critical for success. Our team will work to understand not just the root of the issue, but your brand’s goals and needs as we move forward.

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Quick Response and Immediate Next Steps

How quickly you act on a crisis often determines how successful you are with it. Active 24-7 monitoring of your brand will alert you when something goes wrong.

No matter what happens, you’ll know. From there you’ll get a plan of attack for moving forward.

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Guard your Brands Reputation

Your reputation is everything, it builds brand loyalty and consumer confidence. Bad online press or negative conversations means negative brand sentiment and hurt your bottom line.

Guard your brand and make sure you can head off problems before they become problems.

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Turn Crisis into Opportunity

If you know how to manage it, a crisis can show that you not only understand your customers, but you’re willing to do what you need to in order serve them.

When properly navigating a devastating crisis situation, you show everyone that you’re a valuable asset to work with.

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You Get Peace of Mind

Make sure your brand is protected inside and out. When a problem arises, you can know you have the tools to head it off and make it go away before it’s a big deal.

You can rest easy knowing that your brand is safe from a crisis spiraling out of control. Stay informed of what's going on and being said.

Crisis Management and Alerts Head Off Possible Situations

A nationwide specialty retail chain of more than 80 stores dealing in direct to consumer home improvement wanted to actively monitor social media conversations and protect their online reputation.


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IntelliShop does a wonderful job handling all of our needs. I'm glad they look after FCA's account! They are one of the best vendors that we work with.


The entire team has been great to work with!

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