Online Reputation Management

Deep Industry Knowledge

We’ve worked with all manner of retail and service industry staples. Our knowledge works together and coalesces into a fully service and wide-ranging array of solutions to bring you success.

Holistic Ability

Our comprehensive tools provide the most holistic analysis of online reviews and social media conversations. We can also integrate our data with mystery shop data to get a 360 view of your customer experience.

We’re Not Another Tool. We’re a Team.

We are your partner in your success. We report on what’s going on but we provide a plan for moving forward. Plus, with your team in place we can monitor your brand 24/7 – 365. Nothing goes unseen.

Actionable Insights

Tools provide one thing: data. But what to DO with that data is a different story. We dig into the numbers. We read the charts. We do the math. Then we provide you the information and plan you need to move forward.

What to Expect from Online Reputation Management

Your online reputation matters in today's digital world. To keep tabs on it you need to work with some manner of reputation management, but where do you even start? There are two types of Online Reputation Management (ORM) companies:

  1. Those that provide review management
  2. Those that provide social listening.

Companies will usually do one or other, meaning you have to work with two groups, pay two companies, and/or buy two tools to meet your needs. Then you have to make sure those groups/companies/tools work well together and integrate seamlessly into your daily work life.

You have enough on your plate. Making sure everything plays nice is not something you need to do. We provide you a team that does it all for you and reports back with what's happening, and what we're doing to make your reputation sterling.

Reputation Matters

Bad press is just that: bad press. If the court of public opinion decides you're not good enough then your business will begin to flounder. Stay on top of your reputation.

Whether you need someone to build your reputation from scratch, keep tabs and build yours out, or even turn yours totally around, we can help.

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Benefits of Online Reputation Management

Brand Security

We will monitor your logo and images. This means that if someone uses your brand without your express consent and knowledge, you can be certain that they get shut down quickly.

Customer Insight and Engagement

It only takes one viral social media post to destroy your brand overnight. What are your customers saying about you? More importantly, what are your potential customers reading about you? We use sentiment analysis and real time monitoring to keep tabs on your brand 24/7 - 365. The good? The bad? The “meh”? You will know and get a plan to act. Or, if you choose, we can act for you.

Competitive Analysis and Intelligence

Your competitors aren’t sleeping on their social game. But what are they doing? Keep tabs on what they are saying, what’s being said about them, and (more importantly) what you can do to boost your reputation by avoiding their costly mistakes.

Better Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engines have used online reputation as a ranking metric for years. Your review scores and your ratings are not the only thing that a search engine will look at. They will also look at sentiment. “All press is good press” is no longer the case in the digital work. We work to resolve the negatives and turn the conversations to the positive. Helping you. Helping your SEO. Helping your success.

Keep Up With the Reviews

Before making a purchasing decision, over 80% of users look at reviews. But if they ONLY seen positive reviews then they won't believe it's real. We make sure you get reviews, respond to reviews, and work with the bad ones to make even the bad ones shine.

It's More Than Just Social

Competitive analysis isn’t just a social game – we can see how you are performing locally against competitors in their star ratings, too. You don't have to spend time trolling their reviews to keep updated. We deliver in the insights right to you.

Let's Build the Best Reputation

Your online reputation is important to your success. But it takes a constant effort and deep understanding to make it work for you.

Once you know your reputation you can make strides to either improve it, or keep it great. Let's have a conversation and make sure your reputation builds an stays positive.

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Time-Saving Programs

IntelliShop is great at helping us adjust along the way. They have been super helpful. It has been such a huge help, and will only continue to get better. The amount of time the program has saved us has been unfathomable.