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Are you a High-Demand Shopper?

IntelliShop offers mystery shops throughout the US, Canada and more! Many of these shops are in highly populated areas, but others are a little further off the grid. Shoppers willing to travel are continuously in high demand. If you are planning a trip, or driving somewhere...

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Staying a Mystery

You don’t have to be wearing a t-shirt that says “I’m A Mystery Shopper” to be “found out.” If you don’t blend in with the people who normally shop, eat, or visit the place where you are doing a Mystery Shop, you might as well be wearing the shirt that says “I’m a Mystery...

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Unwanted e-mails?

Are you receiving shop offer e-mails and/or phone calls for shops that are not in your area? Are you tired of getting excited about a shop, only to find out that it’s too far away? Have you moved or changed your phone number without updating your profile? This could be the...

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Start Date

Everyone knows about the “Due Date”; it is the date your mystery shop needs to be completed by and entered into the system. However, in the shop information, there is another date you need to pay close attention to: the “Start Date”. This is the date you can start your mystery...

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How to update your report

Even the best Mystery Shoppers make mistakes when they are filling out the reports- it is very easy to forget to make a comment about a required item. If you do leave something out, you can count on our awesome proofreaders to catch it- they are really good at what they do! They...

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Don’t you deserve a high-class dinner and night out?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could also be reimbursed in exchange for your feedback of the overall dining experience? Top 5 Tips to Perform a Perfect Fine Dining Shop: 1. An eye for detail - You must understand what you are required to order, evaluate, and observe. This is very...

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Make Some Extra Cash for Christmas Shopping!

Are you looking for ways to make holiday shopping easier this season? Have you thought about picking up some shops during the month of October?! IntelliShop pays our shoppers every sixty (60) days for the shops that they have completed successfully. Our shop payments go out on...

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A Guide to Shopping for IntelliShop

As a scheduler at IntelliShop, I'm always happy to hear when a mystery shopper is willing to take on a shop assignment. However, our schedulers don't just need any shoppers willing to give an assignment a try; we need shoppers that can do the shops correctly! With that in mind,...

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Three Simple Tips for Mystery Shoppers

IntelliShop schedulers are always looking for the absolute best mystery shoppers to perform mystery shops. Here are three simple ways to demonstrate that you are an ideal candidate for any assignment. 1) Be polite and professional: You have a lot on your plate and so do...

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Have you been assigned a mystery shop that you plan to complete successfully? You first need to confirm your shop. You can do this one of two ways: Follow the link provided in your confirmation email and follow the prompts. Log into your Shop Log and click on the "CONFIRM"...

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