Get more work & higher paying assignments! Become an MSPA Certified Shopper!

Whether you are new to mystery shopping or an experienced shopper, you may have heard of MSPA certification. But, is it useful or a waste of money? Dedication and reliability – along with establishing and maintaining a high rating with our company – are the major factors schedulers use when determining who to give assignments. In addition, IntelliShop schedulers give a stronger preference to shoppers who are certified by MSPA.

Silver & Gold Certification tells us that you have learned about the essentials of mystery shopping, and you have agreed to uphold professional standards and ethics. You can obtain Silver & Gold Certification by purchasing a DVD-package, taking a series of online tests, or by completing one of MSPA’s in-person workshops (these are held rarely; however, there is a workshop in March – see below for details).

Finally, becoming certified demonstrates you've invested the time and effort to study how to become an expert mystery shopper. Along with solidifying your level of commitment as an independent contractor, you will also greatly increase your chances of receiving shop assignments before they are posted on the job board. Also, you will increase the likelihood of being assigned more work, higher paying and more desirable shops.

Just announced: The first MSPA Gold Certification Workshop of 2011 will be held Saturday, March 12, 2011 from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm at the Irvine/Orange County Crowne Plaza Hotel in Irvine, California.
The cost is $125. Registrants must be MSPA Silver Certified Shoppers in order to register. To register for the Gold Workshop, visit

Learn more about Certification at:

If you're not certified, you're losing out on shop opportunities!

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