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How Frequently Should I Shop My Business?

When a small business owner is considering a mystery shopping program, one of the first questions they typically ask themselves is, “how frequently should I mystery shop my business?”. There is no “one size fits all” answer, and some providers may simply tell you, “more”! We...

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What Are Your Competitors Up To?

How do customers decide to do business with you versus your competitors? The answer is simple -- experience. They give both of you a try; then decide which business they’ll be loyal to in the future. In determining a favorite, customers balance a comparison of: 1. Price 2....

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When You Need To Know It’s Right...Right Now!

Everything a business does plays a role in how a customer experiences their brand. For a business to meet a customer’s expectations - there are a multitude of factors that need to be set in place, at all times. See, customer experience goes far beyond if your customer was...

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Best Practices for Measuring Your Retail Customer Experience

How Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Mystery Shopping Program Can Work Together. By Chris Denove, Senior VP, Research & Analytics As a general rule, customer satisfaction surveys are a great way to understand how your customers subjectively “feel” about their experience...

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How Strategic Upselling Can Increase Your Bottom Line

How Strategic Upselling Can Increase Your Bottom Line Upselling in restaurants can be a touchy topic, teasing operators with increased sales and profits, but presenting potential perils to the customer experience. No one likes to be given the hard-sell when they're just out to...

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Baseball Isn't The Same

Its spring -- one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. Spring means a lot for sports – the Final Four, the Masters, the NHL Finals, and finally the opening of baseball season. That’s why I’d like to talk about baseball. Rangers Ball Park – Arlington, Texas. It’s the...

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Did you jump start your sales in January?

Did you "Jump start your sales" in January? If you did -- great! So you tried to focus on a suggestive selling campaign and it worked - maybe a little, maybe a lot. If it was just a little, what went wrong? You focused on suggesting a specific product that complements another....

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Thieves In Florida Provide A Better Customer Experience

An article in this week's Time Magazine describes how thieves are using more sophisticated techniques and technology for identity theft. They steal ATM account numbers and PIN codes, then create new ATM cards and withdraw thousands of dollars from customers' accounts in a short...

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Jump Start 2011 Sales & Staff Motivation

Want an easy way to jump-start your sales in 2011, while at the same time helping your associates and managers avoid or get out of the post-holiday blahs? Run an upsell contest and reward your star performers. Studies have shown that uspell contests measured using active mystery...

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IntelliShop & MSPA Help Shut Down Mystery Shopper Scam Attempts

Marketers of Mystery Shopper Scam Settle with FTC; Agree to Pay $850,000 Federal Trade Commission Note: Ron Welty, President of IntelliShop, serves on the Board of Directors for the Mystery Shopping Providers Association ("MSPA"). The MSPA was instrumental in working with the...

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