The Voice of the Customer

Know What Your Customer Is Thinking

Voice of Customer helps businesses hone their product or service into something that customers truly want and will continue to invest time and money into. Instead of just collecting data, VoC focuses on understanding it.

Custom voice of the customer solutions were developed to accurately detect how customers think, feel and act about a product, experience or brand, and reveal how those thoughts and feelings translate into behaviors, providing insights and understanding of the relevance of each customer touch point.

“Understand, on a deeper level, what matters most to your customers. There's no guesswork, no mystery, and no gray area. Anticipating the needs of your customers can help you achieve more customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Leverage insights that provide specific, detailed, personal experiences, and the “what and why” behind customer behaviors.

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What to Expect from the Voice of the Customer

Organizations that gather customer feedback are more likely to stay on top of evolving customer requirements and continue to improve customer experience. Simply gathering customer feedback isn’t enough. Without a clear understanding about what affects the customer’s perception about experiences, organizations are just guessing.

In addition to providing detailed customer data analysis through our InSite™ reports, IntelliShop will develop an action plan to give your business a clear path forward. We go well beyond simple NPS and CSAT scores, by linking topics with emotions and cognitive states we can tell companies what specific aspects of the product or experience matter most to customers.

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Pick the Right Tool for the Job

You don’t need to throw everything you have at the wall, you need to spend time focused on using the system or program that will provide the best results.

Get solution cuts to the chase and spends its time focusing on what provides data, not what spends your budget.

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Use It Standalone or Pair it With Other Solutions

For a truly holistic picture of your customer experience implement the voice of customer tools in conjunction with any of our other business services.

How big of a picture do you want? Go big or go small. It’s all up to you.

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Get Inside the Customer’s Head

Voice of Customer surveys are a great way to understand how your customers subjectively “feel” about their experience with your company.

Get custom and goal-oriented survey questions so the correct solutions can be implemented.

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Skip the Data Crunching

Get the heavy lifting done for you. After the surveys are done and the data has been gathered, you get a team to dig in and find the path for your success.

Work with a team that knows your core needs, and our results will deliver a way to meet those needs.

800 Commercial Drivers Share Their Voice

Pilot Flying J LLC, the largest operator of travel centers and travel plazas in North America, needed to gain an understanding of the customer expectations of professional commercial drivers. Before engaging, Pilot Flying J was losing market share to their competition with professional drivers. See how they turned it around to:


Investment in Facilities


In Driver Loyalty Signup


In Travel Center Fuel Sales

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