A Disruptor's Approach to Loss Prevention

What do Albert Einstein, The National Retail Security Survey, $100 Billion, and The Harvard Business Review Have to Do With Loss Prevention?

Following a year that turned tailwinds into headwinds, trying to assess the path forward can seem daunting, but taking a disruptor approach to Loss Prevention may be more important now than ever.

“To be a disrupter is to create a product, service or way of doing things which displaces the existing market leaders… Disruptors are generally entrepreneurs, outsiders, and idealists rather than industry insiders…”

Download this free whitepaper and discover:

  1. Key findings of the 2020 NRS Survey.
  2. How to think and get “smaller” in your approach to preventing loss.
  3. The “Clear Thinking Group” approach to identifying and solving issues
  4. Case studies demonstrating millions in shrink & revenue improvement on dramatically smaller resource and expense spend.
  5. How to think like or be able to identify leaders who are disruptors.

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Hosted by Loss Prevention Experts
Mike Mershimer & Tony Boncore