Every business has room to grow, but it can be hard to know where to start. IntelliShop has the experience, people, and knowledge to help you go from good to great.

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IntelliShop for Small Business

Small business people are agile and resourceful, and you need answers fast. But you don't have a huge budget, and don't want to commit to a long-term contract. We hear you. CustomerOptix, our small business platform, is designed with you in mind. Combine IntelliShop’s powerful services with the self-serve scale and frequency that’s just right for you.

Meet CustomerOptix

If you're having service issues, or just want to proactively check up on your managers and associates, but can't be everywhere at once, let IntelliShop be your "eyes & ears". In less than 10 minutes, you can setup a mystery shopping or customer survey program, or both. Start with an industry-specific questionnaire based on our 21+ years of experience, add a few of your own questions, tell us where to shop, set the frequency, pay with your credit card, then leave the rest to us. Scale up when you’re ready, scale down if needed. No minimums. No contracts. Start or stop any time.

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Perfect for smaller companies looking to:
  • Test out the world of customer experience services
  • Execute a DIY-style program within the IntelliShop brand and reputation
  • Start a small-scale or seasonal customer experience program
  • Try a short-term, contract-free series of services
  • Incorporate mystery shopping (onsite, digital, phone, and video) and/or surveys

Customer Experience

Understand Your Customer

What’s it really like to be your customer? Get objective, first-person feedback you need to measure & improve your customer experience. Our panel of independent evaluators is 1.2 million strong, and the most experienced in the industry.

Onsite Mystery Shopping

It’s more important than ever to deliver exceptional customer experiences when people visit your physical locations. Now there are even greater safety considerations to include. We’ll incorporate best practices in our custom program design and help you raise the bar on service delivery

Learn More About Onsite Mystery Shopping

Digital Mystery Shopping

Today’s omnichannel shopping environment requires you to excel in the digital service experience. Our programs are designed to show you where you excel, and where the gaps are.

Learn More About Digital Mystery Shopping

Video Mystery Shopping

Experience all the benefits of mystery shopping with critical first-hand footage and audio from a customer’s point of view. This footage is perfect for follow-up training and employee reviews.

Learn More About Video Mystery Shopping

Telephone Mystery Shopping

We’ll identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement when it comes to phone calls. Consistency across call centers, physical locations, and automated services is critical.

Learn More About Telephone Mystery Shopping

Competitor Mystery Shopping

Don’t just shop your competitors. Understand exactly where you win, and why, and where they outperform you, and most importantly specifically why this is happening and how you can fix it.

Learn More About Competitor Mystery Shopping

Voice of the Customer

Understand the emotional side of the customer journey at every touch-point using feedback from actual customers. We will show you how to use that data to drive continuous improvement.

Learn More About Voice of the Customer

Simplified Data Reporting

With any Customer Experience solution, you’ll receive a comprehensive report. Our flexible, powerful software generates real-time data to make sure you have the most accurate and helpful data at your fingertips when you need it.

IntelliShop for Small Business

Now small business owners have access to the same customer experience evaluation/improvement services that large organizations have, in a secure, self-serve web portal.

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Reputation Management

Brand Management Where It Matters Most

In today's hyper-fast social media world, your brand's reputation is everything. Online conversations are being had about you, ratings are being given, rumors are being spread, 24/7/365. It's daunting to keep up, let alone know how, and when, to positively engage. Are you in control of your online reputation, or are you letting it be defined for you? We make it easy to own it. IntelliShop will help you understand what's being said, where it's being said, how to influence it to your advantage, and how to assure that your hard-earned reputation is enhanced, not crushed. We'll bring you deep insights that can be turned into positive action.

Review Tracking & Management

When your customers talk, future customers are listening. We’ll monitor your reviews, respond to customers and quickly address concerns — ultimately improving your local SEO ranks and increasing retention and revenue.

Learn More About Review Tracking & Management

Social Media Listening

What do people really think about your brand? We will help you never miss the most powerful and impactful conversations, all in real time, across 10 social networks, 150 million websites, and fully integrated visual listening. We will show you what to do with that information and how it can positively impact your business.

Learn More About Social Media Listening

Social Media Engagement

Increase brand awareness, improve brand sentiment and get engaged with your followers by identifying social media posts and comments your brand should acknowledge and act on. Whether it’s creating brand loyalty or diffusing a possibly volatile comment, our expert response team has you covered.

Learn More About Social Media Engagement

Crisis Management & Alerts

When your online reputation takes a turn, IntelliShop will coach you through. We'll execute a real-time monitoring process to address the crisis, while helping you strategically navigate the next steps and recover your brand reputation.

Learn More About Crisis Management & Alerts

Competitive Intelligence

Stay ahead of the pack. We can also monitor your competitors’ online presence – evaluating review ratings, social media mentions, influencer partnerships and brand sentiment – in order for you to develop stronger, more effective marketing campaigns.

Learn More About Competitive Intelligence

Identify Influencers

Influencers can help you reach an audience you have not yet tapped into to gain new customers. We can find, vet and provide the best influencers recommended for brand partnerships that can increase your awareness, attract new customers and generate sales.

Content Collection (UGC)

Our unique social listening solution includes visual listening that curates images published by social media users and repurposes them as brand content. With increased authenticity, these images increase customer loyalty and cut out the guesswork on what you should post next.

Actionable Insights

Cut out the guesswork when it comes to data. We’ll gather, interpret, and explain what your online reputation data means so you can put that information (and your time) to good use.

Loss Prevention & Compliance

Protect Your Brand

Your brand is how the world perceives you. It's vital to maintain it's integrity and strength. Partner with IntelliShop to assure compliance with brand and company directives, government regulations, reduce loss (internal and external), prevent fraud, ensure consistency, and maintain compliance at every opportunity.

Loss Prevention

Retail theft costs U.S. companies nearly $50 billion/year, and restaurants lose as much as 7-10% of their sales to theft. Our team of experienced professionals provide loss prevention outsource services, audits, training, resolution, and more.

Learn More About Loss Prevention

Franchise Compliance & Royalty Assurance

The challenges of running a profitable franchise organization are many. To assure compliance with franchise agreements and accurate reporting. Independent audits of franchisees must be done on a consistent basis. Our team of experienced investigators has saved clients millions of dollars.

Learn More About Franchise Compliance & Royalty Assurance

Brand Compliance Auditing

Large organizations have numerous company policies, directives and regulations that must be complied with, across a distributed, remote footprint. Our panel of experienced, certified auditors deliver independent objective evaluations of the level of compliance, along with recommendations for corrective measures if needed.

Learn More About Brand Compliance Auditing

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When it comes to holistic customer experience improvement, we see things differently. Whether as stand-alone programs, or a blend of our expertise from Online Reputation Management, Customer Experience, and Loss Prevention & Compliance, we design curated solutions centered on timely data and actionable outcomes. Our big-picture thinking and innovative tactics help you to use customer experience as a strategic advantage.

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