Customer Experience & Mystery Shopping

What’s it really like to be your customer? Get objective, first-person feedback you need to measure & improve your customer experience with mystery shopping. With more than 800,000 verified evaluators, compliance auditors and panelists, providing coverage in over 18,000 cities across the U.S. and Canada, and 180 international countries, we provide the right person, at the right place, at the right time to support and ensure every project is a success.

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Mystery Shopping

Mystery shops bring you a fact-based report about the customer experience. Verified shoppers are coached on exactly what to look for, and provide detailed reporting on that experience. Each report rolls up into a big-data format that we analyze and work with your corporate team to drive best practices and improvement.

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Competitor Mystery Shopping

Our unique approach to competitive intelligence will show you exactly where you rank against the competition in the benchmarks that are important to you, and more importantly, precisely why. Then we'll develop and launch a strategic plan to maintain those areas where you lead, and improve & jump ahead where you don't.

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Voice of the Customer

Understand the emotional side of the customer journey at every touch-point using feedback from actual customers. We will show you how to use that data to drive continuous improvement.

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Data With Meaning

We'll gather an incredible amount of data, report it per your requirements, and analyze it on a large scale to advise your corporate team on how to drive best practices, improvement, and show a positiive ROI for your investment.

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IntelliShop for Small Business

CustomerOptix is our self-serve portal for small businesses who need help understanding and improving their customer experience, but don't want long-term commitments or contracts, or minimum project spend or scope. Setup and lunch a program in just 10 minutes!

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Why Emotion Matters in the CX Journey

Establishing an emotional connection with your customers is important to establish loyalty, drive more revenue and increase customer lifetime value for your business. How you capture emotion can vary from post-transaction surveys, to requesting reviews of their experience to...

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The Importance of Bringing Digital and Customer Experiences Together

In our new normal environment customers’ expectations are higher than ever before, and many businesses are challenged with how to deliver an exceptional customer experience through the numerous communications channels now available. Customers can also engage with businesses...

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Restaurants Embrace New Technology Solutions to Meet Consumer Demand

With staff shortages impacting restaurants across the country, business owners are turning to technology solutions including tableside tablets, self-ordering kiosks and even robots to meet the increased consumer demand. Embracing Technology Solutions Pre-pandemic, several...

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