How Kindness Can Create a Better Overall Customer Experience

A recent Wall Street Journal article reminds us of the role that kindness plays within customer experience, both on the staff and end consumer sides.

This is especially important in the current Covid-19 environment for the restaurant and hospitality industries as several businesses are facing increased demand for service, with patrons returning to in-person dining and hotel stays, while facing unprecedented staffing shortages and inventory delays.

In the article Brian Casey, Board Chairman of the National Restaurant Association, says industry employment is 8% below pre-pandemic levels and retention is a big issue. Furthermore, a recent report by Black Box Intelligence, notes that “more than 60% of restaurant workers said they have suffered from emotional abuse and disrespect from customers, and 78% said their mental health has been negatively affected in the past 12 months.”

While customers are eager to return to restaurants and hotels, keeping kindness and patience in mind will create a better overall customer experience.

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