The Importance of Bringing Digital and Customer Experiences Together

In our new normal environment customers’ expectations are higher than ever before, and many businesses are challenged with how to deliver an exceptional customer experience through the numerous communications channels now available.

Customers can also engage with businesses through traditional channels (in-person, phone, email), as well as a diverse portfolio of digital mediums (online chat, social media, text). Does your business have a strategy in place for how to manage these omnichannel conversations?

A recent Forbes article discusses a unique approach which businesses can use to manage this transition. The article highlights the need to bring the digital experience (DX) and the customer experience (CX) together. Author Bita Milanian notes,

“When you're undertaking initiatives to bring DX and CX together, it's always important to identify not only the obvious benefits of transformation, but also the bigger picture of creating value through the respectful collection of data that can lead to much deeper and more immediate insights about what customers think, believe and desire. The new market reality is that without a creative DX and CX strategy, brands may not survive, and government agencies may lose opportunities to improve lives in the communities they serve.” (Forbes, 2021)

In 2021, consumers are now connected 24/7 regardless of their age or background. They're accustomed to choosing to use the engagement channels they want at the time they want, expecting companies to deliver a great experience in near real time.

Regardless of if your business is a Fortune 1000 or small to medium in size, companies must use data driven insights as the key to a successful DX to CX strategy. In creating an effective plan, companies must have the right tools in place to collect and interpret the data as the first step. With this intelligence, companies can then develop a strategy and action plan to improve customer experience in an omnichannel world.

If your business is challenged with developing a strong DX to CX strategy, contact us today to find out more. At IntelliShop we specialize in bringing insights into action for our clients.

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