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What Reviews And Social Media Reveal About Your Customer Experience

“Customer Experience” is quickly becoming the buzz term for this year, and rightfully so. As consumers are more selective on where they spend their dollars, their experience will determine whether they choose to continue to spend money with you. In fact, 86% of buyers are...

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Fake Reviews: How to Spot Them and What Actions Your Business Can Take

Online reviews have become a powerful tool in convincing a customer to buy (or not to buy). In fact, customers are willing to spend 31 percent more with businesses that boast excellent reviews, while 94 percent of consumers say a negative review can convince them to avoid a...

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How to Turn Customers into Powerful Brand Advocates

Between ever-changing algorithms and a crowded marketplace, it can be easy for brands to get lost in the noise. This makes customer acquisition and retention challenging for even the most favorable brands. Brand advocates offer a solution to overcome these hurdles. What are...

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How to Get Customer Feedback Without Asking the Customer

Customer feedback surveys are everywhere. They’re at the bottom of cash register receipts. They fill up your inbox. They’re how customer service calls end. According to Pew Research Center, as many as 82 percent of Americans make purchasing decisions based on customer feedback....

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How to Turn Passive Customers Into Passionate Followers By Closing the Customer Feedback Loop

The customer feedback loop is one of the most effective ways to understand your customers’ evolving needs and expectations. But simply gathering customer feedback isn’t enough. Closing the customer feedback loop can be an equally important part of the process. When customers...

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Best Practices for Managing Online Customer Reviews

Online reviews from customers can be a benefit and a burden to companies in any industry. Customers are willing to spend 31 percent more with businesses that boast excellent reviews, while 94 percent of consumers say a negative review can convince them to avoid a business. Not...

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Best Practices for Improving Customer Experience Through Social Media

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have evolved to become strong marketing, advertising, and customer service channels for businesses in every industry. Social media is typically one of the first channels customers go to when they are seeking advice or need...

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What Are Your Competitors Up To?

How do customers decide to do business with you versus your competitors? The answer is simple -- experience. They give both of you a try; then decide which business they’ll be loyal to in the future. In determining a favorite, customers balance a comparison of: 1. Price 2....

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Delighting Digital Customers

While the primary intent of ecommerce is to provide a customer an experience that is focused on speed and convenience, the “experience economy” has seeped into online buying. Through a host of strategies intended to delight online customers, savvy companies can provide a...

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Your Online Reputation Matters.

Just how important are online reviews? Well... 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business. 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Customers are likely to spend 31% more on a business with “excellent” reviews....

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