The Voice of the Customer

Know What Your Customer Is Thinking

Voice of the Customer solutions provide valuable insight into the customer experience through customer surveys. In addition to insights that increase audience engagement, you’ll gain a subjective understanding of what your actual customers think and feel about their experiences with your company and brand.

Understand, on a deeper level, what your customer actually experiences. There's no guesswork, no mystery, and no gray area.

Gain insights into specific, detailed, and personal experiences that your customers have with your brand.

What to Expect from the Voice of the Customer

Organizations that gather customer feedback are more likely to stay on top of evolving customer requirements and continue to improve customer experience. Simply gathering customer feedback isn’t enough. In order to see results, you’ll need to take action.

In addition to providing detailed customer data analysis through our InSite™ reports, IntelliShop will develop an action plan to give your business a clear path forward. Our strategies to improve processes and ensure compliance are proven to help retain customers, build better products, deliver better services, and systematically understand customer experience to drive change at your company.

Get Inside Your Customers Head

If you could only know what the customer is thinking when they engage with your brand, you would be able to give them exactly what they need. But what if you could get inside their heads and know their thoughts?

With the Voice of the Customer you will see and hear exactly what the customer is thinking, feeling, and wanting. Let's work together and discover what's going in the heads of your customers.

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Benefits of the Voice of the Customer

We Pick the Right Tools for the Job

Phone surveys, register receipts, surveys, interactive voice response, we will custom fit a solution to meet your needs. You don’t need to throw everything you have at the wall, you need to spend time focused on what will provide the best results. We will make sure that you solution cuts to the chase and spends its time focusing on what provides data, not what spends your budget.

Use It Standalone or Pair it With Other Solutions

How big of a picture do you want? F or a truly holistic picture of your customer experience, though, we recommend implementing our voice of customer tools in conjunction with any of our other methods of measuring customer experience, including mystery shopping, competitor evaluations, social media monitoring, and compliance audits.

Get Inside the Customer’s Head

Voice of Customer surveys are a great way to understand how your customers subjectively “feel” about their experience with your company. IntelliShop will take the time to understand your core values, needs, and goals in order to design survey questions and improvement solutions accordingly.

Skip the Data Crunching

We do the heavy lifting for you. After the surveys are done and the data has been gathered we dig in and find the course for your success. We work to know your core needs, and our results will deliver a way to meet those needs. Our surveys help you identify how to improve the quality of customer service, feelings on your products or service, friendliness of staff, or anything else that goes into a customer’s opinion of you.

What Makes IntelliShop the Best

We Serve the Client Above All Else

At IntelliShop, our Client Services Teams have more than 50 years of collective experience in our industry. We provide you with a dedicated, tenured, in-house team that will oversee and ensure the success of your program.

Extensive Experience Means Better Guidance

Our experience allows us to provide guidance and consultation on how to get the largest ROI from your program. We take you from A to Z with a customized and laid out plan that fits your needs and your customers’ experience. We make sure your customer experience solution fits you.

Simple Methodology Means Better Results

Separate the “good” from the “great”: Identify outstanding individuals and processes. Deliver actionable results: Results provide a clear understanding of actions to improve performance. Correlate results to financial performance: Show actions tied to financial metrics

Programs with Impact on Performance in Mind

Our programs are designed to clearly delineate why performance is at the level it’s found to be; what causes that; and how to apply that gained knowledge across your brand to improve. We bring you actionable insights that will drive improvement in your business.

Get to Know What Your Customers Need

With Voice of the Customer you get pull back the curtain and find out what's really going on in your customers heads. Let's work together to see what solutions work best with your customers.

Don't spend time wondering if the problem was how the customer related or staff related. Use these expert crafted surveys to drill in to what's really going on and what the customer really thinks.

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