Simplified Data Reporting

Benefits of Simplified Data Reporting

Our evaluators will analyze the experience across all the entire customer journey. We take the data and analyze it to let you how to take your customer experience from good to great. You deserve quick, actionable data. We aim to help you get it.

  • Access to real-time reporting
  • Customized dashboard based on your KPI’s
  • Insights into action recommendations
  • Competitor intelligence
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Unparalleled Industry Experience

We conduct more than 200,000 retail sales, service, phone, internet and audit evaluations annually. This provides a deep understanding of what is required of evaluators to conduct these programs and how to coach them on your specific requirements.

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Analytics Only Work if You Know How to Use Them

You have your unique KPIs to evaluate success for every function in your business. But your data is meaningless without direction. We use our experience to show you the path to success by working with you collaboratively to make a measurable positive impact to your KPIs.

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Simple Methodology Means Better Results

Data driven results provide a clear understanding of the specific actions to be taken to improve performance. With IntelliShop we can correlate results to financial performance to show that certain actions are tangibly tied to financial metrics.

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We Serve the Client Above All Else

At IntelliShop, our Client Services Teams have more than 50 years of collective experience in our industry. We provide you with a dedicated, tenured, in-house team that will oversee and ensure the success of your program.

A Better Customer Experience Means More Shoppers for Grocery and Convenience Store

A large grocery and convenience store, operating 400+ locations approached IntelliShop to identify how to improve the customer experience within their stores. The company was focused on improving department interactions, personalizing the experience, and speed of service (while maintaining a positive interaction). The results of this program included:


Year-Over-Year Scores


Growth in Happy Shoppers


Improvement of Lowest Performing District

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IntelliShop is great at helping us adjust along the way. They have been super helpful. It has been such a huge help, and will only continue to get better. The amount of time the program has saved us has been unfathomable.


The program is going fantastic! Everything is going as planned. We love working with the entire team and couldn’t ask for a better partnership.


IntelliShop does a wonderful job handling all of our needs. I'm glad they look after Stellantis! They are one of the best partners that we work with.


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