Brand Compliance Auditing

Compliance Audits Bring Clarity and Direction

Using an independent firm like IntelliShop to regularly audit operational compliance enables you to get an in-depth look at how well your management team executes. We bring an objective, unbiased view to audits, reporting factual information on what's observed at that time. Our teams then analyze that data and provide you with guidance on how to implement best practices across your company to raise the bar on performance and compliance.

If you have your own internal auditing teams, we've found that often they are not using technology that would make their roles more efficient. Our InSite platform is often used as a "Software as a Service" (SaaS) tool, allowing clients to use their own people to conduct audits, and our platform to report on them, with real-time reporting and analytics.

From merchandising, to loss prevention policies, to recalls, to safety and quality control, our compliance audits will make sure you’re in the know and in control.

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What to Expect from Brand Compliance Auditing

With a compliance audit you get a comprehensive review of a location’s adherence to guidelines outlined by the leadership and/or corporate team across all your locations. This isn’t mystery shopping, it’s an overt audit. Our compliance auditors make themselves known to gain access to information that a standard customer wouldn’t need.

Our certified auditors focus on what matters to your brand’s success and survival. The right program will reduce risk; making sure you save time & money, improve operating standards, reduce loss, all while maintaining an exceptional reputation.

Depending on your organizational needs, we can conduct compliance audits as a standalone solution or in conjunction with any one of IntelliShop’s services like loss prevention, voice of customer, competitor evaluations, and mystery shopping.

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Speed to Market

Outsourcing to a third-party loss prevention team conducts compliance audits faster, with dedicated focus and at a lower cost than using your own staff.

Evaluate the strength and thoroughness of processes to assess the overall effectiveness of your business’s practices.

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Customized Solutions

We build a program with you in mind. Our team of certified experts works directly with your internal team to assess your specific needs, identify the root cause of your problems and create a customized solution tailored specifically to your business.

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Focus Brings Results

IntelliShop independent evaluators are solely focused on the program objectives, getting the job done right to drive ROI results for your team.

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We Can Do It All or Just Offer Support

We provide cost-effective results-driven loss prevention solutions and asset protection for businesses and franchisees across different verticals. This allows you to invest your capital in what you need and how you need it.

Loss Prevention Improves Suggestive Selling and Decreases Theft

The client had clear measures of success: deter theft at these locations in order to protect inventory levels and improve suggestive selling so as to drive accessory sales.


Shrink Reduction


Sales Increase

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IntelliShop has great client services managers. They work hard and put the client first, always. They worked hard to meet our constant requests for change and improvement and provided a friendly and non-combative response, even when we pressed them hard.


IntelliShop offers the most reliable and highly trained shoppers in the industry. Their attention to detail and timely execution of projects is why we’ve been working with them for over 12 years and the reason they are our trusted partner.


We have been extremely pleased with the program and support we have been receiving from IntelliShop.

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