Certified Loss Prevention Services

Loss is Not Just From External Theft

Almost half of all lost revenue in American retail is from employee theft, errors, and retail systems.

Heavy Monitoring Isn't Always the Answer

"Buddy Punching" (clocking in for a late friend) costs employers over $370 million each year.

How Much Does Shrink Hurt

Over $40,000,000,000 (that's billion) was lost last year due to inventory shrink.

How Quickly is it Caught?

The median time before workplace fraud is detected is 18 months. Over two years of theft before it's found, with no LP program in place.

Time-Saving Programs

IntelliShop is great at helping us adjust along the way. They have been super helpful. It has been such a huge help, and will only continue to get better. The amount of time the program has saved us has been unfathomable.

Start With Your Goals

Knowing what you need is our starting point. Tell us what your business and brand goals are so we can review and best determine which solutions we have that can provide support.

Once we determine how we can best support your brand’s needs, we create a custom solutions package within your budget. We then execute that, and report back to you with data and recommendations.

Tell Us What You Need

Custom Loss Prevention Solutions

loss prevention investigation

Loss Prevention Incident Support

Loss, theft, fraud. Our certified consultants has seen it all. We work closely with our client field management team to collect and document evidence to resolve any situation quickly and efficiently. If direct on-site loss prevention is required, we can provide on-site incident support and direction.

audit department outsourcing

Field Audit Department Outsourcing

Our field auditors are qualified to cover anything from OSHA inspections to LP compliance. Our audits are focused on your needs and goals, making sure the data you receive can impact your bottom line and enable you to do more. Audits can be used as a training tool for management as well as to identify loss exposures, policy non-compliance, and possible reasons for high shrink or safety concerns.

brand standards validation

Brand Standards Inspections

The Brand Standards Inspection will help to identify, document and correct issues and violations of your brand image, quality and operational standards. When it comes to branding - it all has to be consistent and in compliance with corporate policies. There's no room for mistakes or missteps between franchisees. With our auditors, we make sure you brand is safe.

health, safety, osha compliance

Health, Safety, OSHA Inspections

Your customers and your team are more concerned now than ever before about health & safety issues. We have been assisting our clients to quickly adapt their audit and customer experience improvement programs around issues that impact wellness. Our programs help to ensure that your managers and associates are complying with directives around health, safety and OSHA regulations while still meeting or exceeding brand and customer expectations.

royalty assurance check

Royalty Assurance Checks

The challenges of running a profitable franchise organization are many. To assure compliance with franchise agreements and accurate reporting. Independent audits of franchisees should be done on a consistent basis. Our expert team of franchise auditors has saved clients millions of dollars.

Your Needs Matter

The goal of any loss prevention team should be to enable your business to operate efficiently and minimize loss to your bottom line. For this we need to know where you need us to make the biggest impact.

Tell us what your needs and goals are. We will reach out to you shortly after and talk to you a little more in depth to better understand your brand and your needs.

Tell Us Your Goals

Safe Experience

IntelliShop’s COVID-19 Compliance Check and Greeter Services are instrumental in the successful execution of our health and safety requirements. Our high IntelliShop Audit scores provide us the confidence in our stores ability to pass any external audits conducted by local health, safety, labor, or other agencies, while at the same time creating an environment that promotes a safe shopping experience for our customers.
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