Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence Gives You An Inside Look

With strong competitive intelligence, you can stay on top of not just what you’re doing, but what your competition is doing as well. You get your competitors' online world monitored in real time and receive detailed, actionable competitive insights that enable your business to beat the competition, increase revenue and build brand loyalty.

But simply knowing doesn’t solve anything. You need a plan built on knowledge and expertise, not just another report to leave on your desk until you have time for it. That's why you can expect both the detailed intelligence, and a plan on what to do about it.

While competitive intelligence gives you an inside look, it's the actionable insights you'll get that lift you up to beat your competition. People buy from those they trust.


Of customers are influenced by a business' online reviews


Of customers say their buying decisions are influenced by social media

For “near me” searches, a star rating increase of just 0.1 could increase the conversion rates of a business location

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What to Expect from Competitive Intelligence

Full, detailed, and easy to follow action plans. That’s what you should expect from competitive intelligence. Anyone can just pull a report that says, “here’s how many tweets your competition posted last month.” But that doesn’t provide anything important.

But what if you had a report that told you, “Your competitor launched a new product last month. Here’s their marketing plan, here’s how it’s being received, and here’s how you can pivot and steal their thunder.”

In an age when reaction is just as important as action, knowing what your competition is doing is the key to reacting well.

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Keep On Top of ALL Reviews

Automatically pull local competitors for each of your locations within a 10 mile radius. Stay abreast of what's going on and what their customers think.

More than the "why" you will know what you can do about it to make sure you're always moving forward.

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Better Intelligence = Better SEO

When you compete online for ranking you can’t just focus on what you do. You have to focus on what others are doing and how you can do it better.

It’s all about authority. Ensure you’re the be-all-end-all of authoritative experts, improving your SEO and increasing sales.

Social Listening is Baked In

Every tool, every methodology, every asset gets applied to social listening and turned on your competition. You’ll know who they’re engaging with and how.

What they’re saying and how they’re doing. You’ll be watching in ways you (and they) didn’t know were possible.

Don’t Just Get Data – Get a Plan

Data is only as good as what you do with it. For that reason, don't settle for data that's dumped on you, only to have it wind up filed away and forgotten.

Get customized plan you can pass on and disseminate through your business to build action items around.

Intelligence Campaign Results in Competitive Advantage

A regional retail chain with expansive growth plans wanted to understand their competitive brand position at a local store level, as well as identify trends to beat their competition, increase revenue and build brand loyalty.


Average Star Rating


New Online Reviews


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