CX Strength Calculator

Take our CX Strengths Calculator below to see if you are a CX leader or could use some improvements within your customer experience. Once completed, we'll provide you with a score and a free consultation to identify your top areas for growth.

Customer Experience & Mystery Shopping

Leverage the largest network of mystery shoppers in the industry to gain an unbiased understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. IntelliShop has the manpower to conduct secret shops across hundreds, or even thousands of locations to ensure a consistent experience for your customers. You’ll receive a thorough analysis based on unique criteria with actionable recommendations to elevate your business.

Loss Prevention & Brand Compliance

Minimizing unnecessary, or even unknown costs is one of the easiest ways to improve your bottom line - especially as consumers are more sensitive than ever to rising prices. But reducing waste or losses due to theft is no easy task at scale. Let our LP team review the ins and outs of your business and identify your biggest opportunities to reduce shrink and increase profitability.

Social Media & Reputation Management

Consumers expect consistency across your channels. Ensuring that operating hours are correct, reviews are answered, and posts are consistent across all social media platforms is crucial. Leverage our trusted social media & reputation management experts to make sure your brand experience is top-notch, even when someone isn’t at one of your physical locations.