Elevate the Experience

We let your customers get real with you, so you can get real with them.

Experience is Everything

We know what it takes to turn insights into outcomes. IntelliShop has partnered with Decooda to help companies understand how shoppers think and feel about their brands.

Customer Experience Assessments are conducted on your locations, website or call center utilizing experienced secret shoppers. Unlike most secret shopper programs, these evaluators will create a video and tell you how the experience made them feel in addition to the secret shopper questionnaire. Responses are reviewed to understand what is most important, not just what is frequent, to better understand the perception of your brand and how it influences customer experience and the customer journey. IntelliShop then partners with you to help turn those insights into outcomes.

  • Real People – Go beyond the check lists to understand the human shopping experience.
  • Real Stories – Actively listen to and watch people tell stories about their experience.
  • Real Emotions – Reveal the emotions that impact your customers’ future behavior.
  • Real Actions – Prioritize granular, nuanced actions that turn insights into outcomes.

How it Works

The Challenge

  • Revealing the human side of the Secret Shopper.
  • Going beyond check lists and rating scales to truly understand how shoppers experience your brand.
  • Listening to shoppers describe their experience links the things that matter to their emotions, feelings and states of mind.

Launch a Mission

Imaginative Questions (IQ) go beyond the check lists and ratings to capture a video of your shoppers describing their experiences. The IQ is designed to inspire verbalization of emotions, cognitive states, and belief systems.

Prioritize Actions

Link the topics people talk about to the emotions, feelings and states of mind. Distinguish between the things people talk about most and what influences their behavior. Link your priorities to ROI.

Watch the Stories

Automated show reel brings the priorities to life in real time. Listen to shoppers talk about their experiences and reveal their emotions. Turn your priorities into action.

Assessment Types

Across any channel: Physical Location, Web/Digital, Call Center

  • Overall Experience
  • Product
  • Service
  • Location
  • Compliance
  • Innovation

Get Started

The Experience Assessment creates a holistic view of the shopper experience.

  • Monitors what happens at every touchpoint in your customer’s journey.
  • Listens to your customers describe their experiences.
  • Reveals your customers’ emotions and states of mind.
  • Prioritizes actions to turn insights into outcomes.
  • Curates video show reels of your customer’s stories.
  • Project and subscriptions are available.
  • Real Easy. Real Fast. Real Value.

We can be up and running in less than two weeks, with results in just 3 to 4 weeks.

Start understanding The Why of Things. Launch your Experience Assessment today and turn insights into outcomes.

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Revealing the Human Side of the Shopping Experience

Webinar key takeaways:

  1. Discover how cutting-edge AI techniques enrich mystery shopping by revealing the emotions that impact future buying behavior.
  2. Observe the unique video-based feedback system that empowers the shopper to tell their story, share their experiences and reveal their emotions.
  3. See how brands have turned shoppers’ stories and experiences into granular, nuanced actions for growth.