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A recent survey by consulting firm McKinsey & Co. found that about three out of four people have tried a new shopping method due to the coronavirus and that more than half of all consumers intend to continue using curbside pickup and delivery services after the pandemic is over. Nearly 70% of consumers surveyed intend to continue buying online for store pickup.

You can no longer afford to sit back and simply “hope” your website or app does the job. Each step of the way must work flawlessly, or you'll lose customers to brands who already have it down. Digital mystery shopping services from IntelliShop will help you understand what your customers experience in this new reality. We can design, launch and field such programs as quickly as just one week from approval.

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What to Expect from Digital Mystery Shopping

Anyone can make sure an online presence functions the way they think it should. You press a button, a form is triggered and submitted, and then your staff is notified. It’s that simple, right? Sadly, no. What separates good brands from GREAT brands online is that they intentionally design the experience just as they would for brick-and-mortar locations, but keeping the online needs in mind.

Digital mystery shopping is about more than, “does it work.” It's entirely about the experience the customer has as they engage with you. From the first touchpoint through repeated purchases, what does it feel like to be on the other end and, most importantly, is it causing people to not come back? Mystery shopping your digital experience will improve it by:

  • Understanding the ideal navigation structure of your website
  • Determine the reason for cart abandonment
  • Ensure brand messaging is uniform from start to finish
  • Improving cross selling strategies and product upsells

Find Digital Excellence

To see success your digital property needs to do more than just work. It needs to work well. It needs to make the lives of your customers better. Make sure your brand's digital experience brings more than just functionality. Make sure it brings a sigh of relief.

Our experts will work with you to make sure your custom solution fits your needs and provides unparalleled measurement. You deserve quick, actionable data. We aim to help you get it.

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Benefits of Digital Mystery Shopping

Create Quick and Measurable Change

When you change pieces of a digital platform, the impact is felt almost immediately. Once something is determined to not be effective or, even worse, detrimental then a change can be determined and installed as quickly as you can make the update. Changing a storefront takes time. Changing a website takes seconds.

Easily Create Repeat Buyers

We are creatures of habit. When we find something we like that works well we will continue to use it. When you partner a strong digital platform with good follow-up marketing then you create a system that will keep your users coming back time and time again.

Continual Improvement

When something works, that good. When something works better, that’s great. Think your digital platform works well? Chances are you can make it work better. With digital mystery shopping You can tweak and adjust the platform until your customer’s experience is so smooth and so fluid that the conversions just flow right in.

Dig into the Details

“A good feeling” doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have the insights and data to back it up. You can’t run your business on feelings and we make sure you don’t have to. IntelliShop will deliver to you the digital mystery shopping insights you need to improve satisfaction, loyalty and performance.

What Makes IntelliShop the Best

Unparalleled Industry Experience

We conduct more than 200,000 retail sales, service, phone, internet and audit evaluations annually. This provides a deep understanding of what is required of evaluators to conduct these programs and how to coach them on your specific requirements.

Analytics Only Work if You Know How to Use Them

You have your unique KPIs to hit for every function in your business. But your data is meaningless without direction. We use our experience to show you the path to success by working with you collaboratively to make a measurable positive impact to your KPIs.

Simple Methodology Means Better Results

Deliver actionable results: Results provide a clear understanding of the specific actions to be taken to improve performance. Correlate results to financial performance: Show that certain actions are tangibly tied to financial metrics.

We Serve the Client Above All Else

At IntelliShop, our Client Services Teams have more than 50 years of collective experience in our industry. We provide you with a dedicated, tenured, in-house team that will oversee and ensure the success of your program.

Digital Experience Matters

When a user goes to your website or app you need to make sure it's buttoned up and the experience is second to none. Fill out the form below and we can help you tackle your digital property with our digital mystery shopping.

Our evaluators will analyze the experience from entry to delivery. We take the data and analyze it to let you know when you're being overzealous and when (and how) you can do a little more to help yourself succeed.

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Safe Experience

IntelliShop’s COVID-19 Compliance Check and Greeter Services are instrumental in the successful execution of our health and safety requirements. Our high IntelliShop Audit scores provide us the confidence in our stores ability to pass any external audits conducted by local health, safety, labor, or other agencies, while at the same time creating an environment that promotes a safe shopping experience for our customers.
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