Full Service Social Media Engagement

What To Expect From Social Media Engagement

We have the tools and know-how to monitor and respond to your customers across every social media channel. But we don’t stop there. We work with you directly to escalate issues and quickly take the conversation offline to help prevent any type of potential crisis. We can also identify positive opportunities for marketing and PR. You know that Tiktok that made Ocean Spray viral and gave them so much free advertising? We will let you know when something like that happens with your brand or products, so you can quickly seize that opportunity.

With 39% of customers losing trust in brands if they have not interacted with them on social platforms, (Edelman) you really don’t have any more time to lose. Act now.

Let's Get Social

How you engage with your customers can turn them from a one-off into a brand ambassador. Everything from reviews, to shared posts, to simple online conversations can help steer you into social success.

We'll start by reviewing how you're doing and find the points you can hit to grow and build it even further. Your digital channels can't be ignored. Let's make sure yours isn't.

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Benefits of Social Media Engagement

Build Brand Loyalty. Gain Brand Ambassadors.

Imagine if people championed your brand for you. Imagine if they promoted you without you asking. Interacting with your fans online is a phenomenal way to build more loyalty among your customers and turn them into true brand ambassadors. This also allows you to collect and distribute user generated content for use in social media and marketing efforts; thus saving you money and time.

Get Up Close and Personal with Your Customers

Engaging with your customers has never been easier that it is with social media. Your brand can create a 1-to-1 relationship that engages and interacts with your customers. A brand that can empower and embolden their customers will always be more successful than one that just…stalks.

Better Social Media Engagement means Better SEO

Social media is a ranking signal to every major search engine. Full stop. How you engage, how you interact, how you use your brand's digital media channels to engage will affect your listings. Search engines are all about whether you exhibit authority in your area. Are you proving your authority across your digital channels or are you simply sharing the latest memes every Friday?

Focused Efforts Yield Stronger Results

Every platform has their own audiences. You wouldn’t target the same audience on Facebook that you would on SnapChat. Knowing the platforms means knowing the nuances of how they communicate. With this knowledge you can spend less time in the weeds and more time making an impact.

Take Control of Your Social Media Situation

Proper and purposeful engagement can take you into your customers' daily lives and endear you to them. It can turn strangers into customers and customers into brand ambassadors. Let's see how your social media channels are doing. Then let's see how we can make them even better.

We can manage all of your online communications or just report and advise you on what you should be doing to properly engage your community. Let's see how we can help you drive more meaningful conversations online.

Let's Get Started

What Makes IntelliShop the Best

Make Data Easy to Use

We understand the value of time. Everything we find and see has to be easy and simple to digest and work with. We’ve been on your side of the table. We know exactly what you need to get the most from your information.

Success is a Priority

We have a team of Customer Success Managers with marketing backgrounds and know how to apply the knowledge derived from social media conversations to positively influence marketing strategy.

Isolate Problems

When you pair social media listening with mystery shopping you can see if the problems are actually problems. Be proactive: step in and test situations and scenarios through mystery shopping to know where the problem really lies.

Get an A-Team

We are your partner in your success. We report on what’s going on but we provide a plan for moving forward. We are your team to take action and report back with a plan of attack for the future. Get more than stale data. Get results.

One of the Best

IntelliShop does a wonderful job handling all of our needs. I'm glad they look after FCA's account! They are one of the best vendors that we work with.