How to Become a Mystery Shopper

Getting Started With Mystery Shopping

When you click the "Sign Up to Become a Mystery Shopper" link below, a new site will open in a new tab. Follow the directions on this page and you will have signed up to become a Mystery Shopper with IntelliShop.

Sign Up to Become a Mystery Shopper

Step 1

Sign In or Sign Up

When you open the new tab, you will be allowed to either LOG IN or SIGN UP.

To SIGN UP click the round GO button on the bottom of the page (pictured here)

how to become mystery shopping

Step 2

Enter Email Address

We want to make sure you haven't already signed up, so enter your email address and we will search our records to see if your email is there.

If your email address is not in the system, then you will be taken to Step 3.

become a mystery shopper step 2

Step 3

Pick Your Country

We need to know where you live so we know what form you have to fill out.

Select your country from the dropdown list on this page and then click "GO"

become a mystery shopper step 3

Step 4

"Sign" Agreements and Fill Out the Form

Here you will find a log form to scroll through and read. This is our Independent Contractor Agreement, which you will have to sign on the bottom of the page.

Also, on this page are form fields you will have to complete.

  1. Basic Account Information - Name, address, contact information
  2. Payment Information - So we can pay you for your shops
  3. Demographic Information - Used to help select you for shops that are looking for a specific demographic
  4. Area Codes - Areas you're willing and able to shop in so you're not limited to a certain location
  5. Tax information
  6. Privacy Information

This information must be completed and acknowledged to begin conducting evaluations for IntelliShop

become a mystery shopper step 4

Read What Our Shoppers Say...

“IntelliShop hands down has the best shopper support, fastest responses, always a useful answer, and I never get the impression that I know more about the shop than the person providing support. The company seems to [internally] hire to meet a “type” standard: utterly professional, results-focused, very people-centric, friendly, and just overall nice people.” –Arthur F., IntelliShop Mystery Shopper