Identification Compliance Auditing

Top 5 Benefits of Hiring Our Independent Team of Auditors

#1 Your internal team will have the burden of a complex audit removed from their project to-do list, which can get complicated with multiple store locations. We'll visit all U.S. stores, allowing you to reallocate your internal resources elsewhere.

#2 You'll receive an independent, factual report, providing reassurance to your internal compliance teams, any shareholders, and government regulators as necessary.

#3 Your business will stay in compliance with local, state, and federal laws and regulations, leading to long-term cost savings by avoiding fines, penalties, and operational disruptions.

#4 You'll be confident that the audit results are factual and unbiased. Reports will include commentary on observed conditions, copies of the purchase transaction receipt, and a photograph of the exterior of each location visited.

#5 Bonus! You can receive additional customer service evaluations and/or merchandising or marketing evaluations with your audit—without significant changes to time on-site or cost.

ID Compliance Protects Your Business

The tobacco Retailer Violation Rate (RVR) has held steady at an average of 9.8% year after year since 2006 which indicates the problem isn’t going away. The effective compliance programs that our audit team offers work to increase the perception among your store employees that they can be caught, deterring them from unethical behavior and protecting your company from potential legal action.


Tobacco & Vape Shops Fail to Check ID


Attempts by Underage People Are Successful


Matt and Josh [at Intelli-Shop] have been exceptional to work with. They are always readily available and very supportive. It’s been a great partnership!


IntelliShop offers the most reliable and highly detailed shoppers in the industry. Their attention to detail and timely execution of projects is why we’ve been working with them for over 12 years and the reason they are our trusted partner.


We have been extremely pleased with the program and support we have been receiving from IntelliShop.