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We listen to and interpret all of your customers’ online reviews and social media conversations in order to gain valuable intel that can make a huge impact on your business. We take those insights and create data-driven action items for you and your team to help drive marketing strategy, improve business operations and generate a positive return.

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Customers Are Using Reviews to Make Decisions

57% of customers won’t buy from a business that has less than a 4 star rating on certain platforms. See how to leverage yours to drive more business.

How Many People Look Online?

97% of consumers will look online for a local business before they purchase from them. 50% of those people will visit that store within a day. Ensure your locations are enticing and driving foot traffic.

How Do Reviews Impact Sales?

Just. One. Review. This is all it takes to lift your conversions by 10%. This is all the social proof needed for people. Use our insights to know where you can drive the most valuable reviews.

What Is the Cost of Not Replying?

If you’re not replying to customers you could see a 15% customer churn rate. People want to be heard. Get an in-depth look at how well you respond and how you can respond in a way that makes your customers feel heard.

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IntelliShop does a wonderful job handling all of our needs. I'm glad they look after Stellantis! They are one of the best partners that we work with.
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Let's look at what's working and what isn't. We can look at the digital performance of a location, your current online reputation, or how you can improve your engagement strategy.

IntelliShop can guide you through, helping you to see and understand what you can be doing to not only improve what you see, but grow it and scale it into your new standard-operating-procedure.

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Why Online Reviews Matter

improve customer retention

Improve Customer Retention

It costs far less to keep a customer than it does to attract a new one. But what happens when that new customer has a bad experience? With proper review management and engagement you meet negative reviews with understanding. You know what went wrong and why. You turn a bad experience into unparalleled customer service, making your potential "hater" a customer for life.

how to create brand ambassadors

Create and Grow Brand Ambassadors

Imagine people championing your brand for you. Customers engaging people asking questions in online communities. 84% of people have said they trust online recommendations as much as a recommendation from a friend. But you don't have time to monitor every corner of the internet. Use your reviews to identify your brand ambassadors and they'll provide the recommendations you can't.

improve staff training

Improve Your In-House Training

Nothing is as important to customer success than the people the customer interacts with. One bad attitude and suddenly your online reviews start getting blasted. With proper review management, you'll see when in-house problems start taking a turn. That's when you can turn with them to meet the situation head on with better training and better practices to make sure problems don't last long.

show customers they matter

Show Customers They Matter

Every customer wants to know that they're heard. More than that, every customer wants to know that their concerns are seen as valid. With IntelliShop, when your online reviews speak, you do more than just hear them. You get deep data to understand what they're really saying and what matters most. You get to understand the nuances and, more importantly, how to show customers that you hear them.

84% of People Trust Online Reviews As Much As Recommendations From Friends (Inc)

Are Your Customers Happy

"Getting it right" online is an always moving target. Just when you think you have it figured out everything changes. We can show you how your customers feel about you. Then we can show you how to use that to drive performance.

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