Opportunities as an LP & Compliance Contractor

Loss prevention and compliance audits can often be exacting and complex. Theft & Fraud incidents must be handled in a manner that is thorough, complete and accurate. Think you’re a fit? Keep reading…

What You'll Do

  • Detailed brand standards, retail, or restaurant operations audits.
  • Compliance audits, evaluating how client locations may be following federal, state or local laws, liquor controls, food handling practices, and workplace safety.
  • Investigations related to internal theft, hostile work environment or harassment claims
  • Franchise business reviews, providing assurances to parent organizations that independent operators are representing their brand, and reporting their sales, accurately.

Who You Are

  • An experienced field auditor
  • A multi-unit retail loss prevention manager
  • A human resources or employee relations expert
  • A state-licensed Private Investigator
  • A licensed Occupational Safety or Food service professional
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