People Are Talking But Are You Listening? Use Social Listening to Improve Customer Experience

Strong Social Understanding Means Even Stronger Data

Social listening is more than just counting Likes and Shares. It's more than a score of how popular you are. Social Media Listening is an all-encompassing full-time monitoring and review of your online presence. It’s a service that can (and should) be delivering real and constant data of your customers, your products, and your services. When you utilize social listening correctly, you get deep and actionable information about your brand, products, customers and competitors that drives better business decisions, marketing decisions, and increase sales.

If you could understand the motivations and needs of your customers, no matter how small or obscure they might be, could you use that to drive your brand to greater success? That's the goal of social listening done right. To gather game-changing information and insights and apply them to your business to make smarter decisions and take more decisive actions, based on real-life data that supports it.

Start today by telling us what your business goals are. We'll help you understand how you can reach them.

How Many People Are On Social Media?

3.8 billion people are now using social media today. Understanding what makes them tick is the key to reaching them.

How Much Time Do People Spend Online?

3 hours/day is the average amount of time a person will spend on social media platforms. Imagine being able to have your message in front of a targeted audience that long!

How Many People Research on Social Media?

54% people use social media to research a brand before making purchase. Whether it's asking like-minded groups or seeing what a brand shares, customers are looking.

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Be Social. Be Smarter.

Many brands like to shout into the void and see their posts get lost in a sea of disinterest. But smarter brands know how to use their social channels for more than just "sharing."

We evaluate your goals and find the best, most reliable, and most effective methods to impact your brand, not your social media likes. Get results based on business needs, not your Facebook page.

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Social Media Provides Deep Insights

social media listening

Social Listening with Intent

What do people really think about your brand? We will help you never miss the most powerful and impactful conversations, all in real time, across 10 social networks, 150 million websites, and fully integrated visual listening. We will show you what to do with that information and how it can positively impact your business.

social media to drive business

Managing Social Channels to Bring Business

Increase brand awareness, improve brand sentiment and get engaged with your followers by identifying social media posts and comments your brand should acknowledge and act on. Knowing what resonates with each online community can be valuable if you know how to navigate it. Whether it’s creating brand loyalty or diffusing a possibly volatile comment, our expert response team has you covered.

crisis management and alerts

Avoiding and Managing Crisis Saves You Time

When your online reputation takes a turn, IntelliShop will coach you through. We'll execute a real-time monitoring process to address the crisis, while helping you strategically navigate the next steps and recover your brand reputation. Or better yet, we'll help you sidestep the situation entirely while responding intelligently and pivoting the conversation somewhere better.

competitive intelligence

Dig Deep Into What Works for Your Competition

Stay ahead of the pack. We can also monitor your competitors’ online presence – evaluating review ratings, social media mentions, influencer partnerships and brand sentiment – in order for you to develop stronger, more effective marketing campaigns. Understand what it is that their customers love about them and what you can do to better stand out.

Clients First, Always

IntelliShop has great client services managers. They work hard and put the client first, always. They worked hard to meet our constant requests for change and improvement and provided a friendly and non-combative response, even when we pressed them hard.

Get Social Driven Insights

People are sharing every aspect of their days online. People are reading and hearing about products on a near constant basis thanks to social media. When your brand is mentioned, you can guarantee that potential customer will see.

When social conversations happen, people are telling everyone if your brand is a success or otherwise. Knowing the factors and sentiment around these conversations is key to moving your business forward.

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