Retail Loss Prevention is Built On Expertise

With decades of retail experience and industry leadership, this program is built from the ground up with our customers' goals and security in mind.
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Mike Mershimer

President and creator of Loss Prevention and Compliance Services, Mike Mershimer has appeared in Nation's Restaurant News, QSR Magazine, NBC Nightly News, ABC News Online, and Money with Melissa Francis on the Fox News Business Channel.

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Can Operate in All 50 States

We have thousands of professional and qualified audit and loss prevention team members throughout America, allowing us to operate in all US states.

Award Winning Mystery Shopping Leadership

Partner with our audit team for even more results. We count some of the worlds most recognizable and known brands as clients and we are an award winning member of MSPA-Americas, our industries trade association.

Improve & Streamline Your Operations

When paired with our other services, our Loss Prevention and Compliance team can cast a wide net to evaluate and review your brand from an unparalleled height.

Decades of Experience, Expertise & Leadership

Mike Mershimer has served the MSPA as President and member of the Global Board of Directors. He has also served as chairman of the National Restaurant Association’s Loss Prevention and Internal Audit Executive Study Group.

Control and Response At Your Fingertips

Loss Prevention Operations Center (LPOC)

Triage all inbound store security or loss prevention incidents, equipment, guard requests, and just about anything else you could need. This is your hub, your one stop for all your loss prevention and security needs. Easy to access, easy to use.

Exception Based Reporting (EBR)

Also in the LPOC is ERB Support. Point of sale exception-based reporting is one of the most common loss prevention techniques used in retail. In the LPOC you can run reports and then get support to follow through on the findings. Simple, easy, and complete.

Speed Makes the Difference

What makes our LPOC so good is the speed to service. Speed to service with minimal notice allows us to get into all 4,000 of your units to conduct mission critical inspections, or simply ensure the Limited Time Offering (LTO) going live on Monday is set up properly in all locations, and that all franchisees are participating.

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Outsourced Loss Prevention Means Quick Action

Wide Reach

With a large network of investigators and auditors, you get what your when, when you need it, where you need it. With our vast network, speed of delivery is key to success. No matter where you are, the expert you need can get there quickly.

Skill Set Expertise

Your business gets the perfect fit for your need without having to worry about overhead and wasted capital. On-demand expertise that fits your exact loss prevention need when you need it.

Cost Savings through Lean Models

Your retail brand needs loss prevention that does two things: lower internal costs and drive revenue. By outsourcing you’ll not only save capital in pay, but in expenses. All while your loss prevention minimizes shrink.

More Data When You Partner with Customer Experience

Cut Loss Through Improper Training

Training is the start of your in-store loss prevention. When you team knows how to do their jobs, losses go down across the board. Double and triple check that your training is being followed to the letter.

Cut Loss From Staff Interactions

A bad experience can sour any future business. When you pair loss prevention with customer experience, your retail chain can quantifiably verify your teams interactions with current customers, leading to repeat customers.

Delivered with HD Video

Our customer experience team makes strong use of hidden HD video. This means that you’ll not only know about mistakes and problems, you will see them firsthand in full HD. No questions about any gray area. Just black and white facts.

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