Social Media Listening

Are You Listening?

Don't get blind-sided by online conversations about your brand that you're not even aware of. Almost half (47 percent) of all internet users worldwide say they post reviews about a product, company or service each month.

IntelliShop can be your eyes and ears in the digital world. We bring you A.I.-powered analysis with real time insights into what's happening on social channels and online media, across 187 languages. This enables you to mitigate risk by quickly identifying issues and complaints before a crisis hits.

Sometimes, all you need is a quick overview of what’s happening - on social, online news, blogs or forums. We can analyze billions of conversations instantly and give you key stats like engagement, volume, sentiment, themes, influencers, demographics and geographies.

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What to Expect from Social Media Listening

You could purchase a tool and hire a team to do this for you in-house. This could easily cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars and takes a lot of time, training, and hoping that your human capital investments don’t leave and go to a competitor. Or you can get an experienced team that can handle it all for you.

Simple. Easy. Informative. Strong intel and insights. That’s what you should expect from social media listening.

We Love Being Social

Learning from digital postings is a surefire way to get a deeper understanding of your customers and their needs. We spend countless hours each year telling our online communities what we think. Take advantage of that.

Dig into the streams and feeds that your customers create. Let's work to make sure you understand where you can make changes to positively impact your brand and the lives of your customers.

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Benefits of Social Media Listening

Create Smarter Marketers

Today's internet culture gives you an inside look at your customers and their daily lives. Frankly, we all say too much on online and customers are no exception. But we can take this information and use it to better understand your customers, pain points, and wants. This can give your marketing team the competitive advantage they need to be stronger.

Get Up Close and Personal with Your Customers

Customers not only give on social media, they receive. There’s a word for only watching what someone does. It’s called stalking. That’s why responding and engaging is so important. Your brand can create a 1-to-1 relationship that engages and interacts with your customers. A brand that can empower and embolden their customers will always be more successful than one that just…stalks.

Create and Influence the Influencers

Who is using your brand? What are they saying? More importantly, who is hearing (or reading) what they’re saying. We can find these influencers and use them to your advantage. If they have a bad experience, we can correct it. If they already love you, we can develop a partnership with them. Leverage your strengths and turn your issues around. Let the influencers do your marketing for you (at little or no cost), driving stronger sales figures and happier customers.

Competitor Intelligence

We don’t have to just listen to your social media signals. We can also listen to your competition. Imagine a potential influencer having a bad experience with a product. Before your competitor can move in, you’re there to solve the influencer’s problem. Imagine knowing what people are saying about your competition every day. Imagine knowing what people love and hate about your competition. Then get that information delivered to you so you can use it to create new campaigns and products.

What Makes IntelliShop the Best

Make Analysis Easy to Understand

We understand the value of time. Everything we find and see has to be easy and simple to digest and work with. We’ve been on your side of the table. We know exactly what you need to get the most from your information.

Customer Success is Paramount

We have a team of Customer Success Managers with marketing backgrounds and know-how to apply the knowledge derived from social media conversations to positively influence marketing strategy.

See and Fix Systemic Problems

When you pair social media listening with mystery shopping you can see if the problems are actually problems. Be proactive: step in and test situations and scenarios through mystery shopping to know where the problem really lies.

Better than Any Tool Because We’re a Team

We are your partner in your success. We report on what’s going on but we provide a plan for moving forward. We are your team to take action and report back with a plan of attack for the future. Get more than stale data. Get results.

Your Trusted Social Media Listening Team

Listening to your online customers is necessary to success today. When you partner with us, we deliver valuable and actionable intelligence that you can use right away.

But more than just reports, we can alert you in real-time if something is happening that can harm your brand. We can even reply on your behalf, and keep your brand moving forward.

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Trusted Partner

IntelliShop offers the most reliable and highly detailed shoppers in the industry. Their attention to detail and timely execution of projects is why we’ve been working with them for over 12 years and the reason they are our trusted partner.