Franchise Compliance and Royalty Assurance

Ensure That Franchisees Are Compliant

As a franchisor, your primary goals are maintaining brand integrity, assuring that franchisees are compliant with contractual purchasing, accurate financial reporting, and overall brand value and integrity.

It is critical as Franchisors to maintain brand integrity across their system, assuring that franchisees are compliant with financial reporting, purchasing, and maintaining brand standards. The challenge for the franchisor is implementing a process that guarantees under-reporting, brand integrity, and compliance issues are identified and corrected as quickly as possible.

Implementing solutions that ensure the discovery of these items protects the investment of your franchisees.

IntelliShop’s custom-designed Royalty Assurance programs on average see a 15% - 20% improvement in reported sales.

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What to Expect from Franchise Compliance and Royalty Assurance

We assure compliance with the agreements your franchisees sign and that their sales reports and other financial statements are accurate. Our independent audits of franchisees are done on a consistent basis to ensure objectivity, consistency, and fairness. Some of the services we use to address these issues include:

  • Royalty Auditing
  • Proactive Royalty Assurance Programs
  • Brand Standards Compliance Auditing
  • Fraud investigations
  • Post Termination non-compete covenant and de-identification investigations.
  • Integrity Mystery Shopping

IntelliShop’s services will identify if such issues exist in your organization, partner with you to update processes to mitigate these issues in the future, and work with you to recoup the underreported payments.

Franchisors Win Big When They Monitor Franchisees

Using a simple yield review with a global baked goods and beverage brand, it was identified that as much as 23% of sales were being underreported.


Of Sales Were Underreported


Reduction in First 16 Months

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The program is going fantastic! Everything is going as planned. We love working with the entire team and couldn’t ask for a better partnership.


IntelliShop is great at helping us adjust along the way. They have been super helpful. It has been such a huge help, and will only continue to get better. The amount of time the program has saved us has been unfathomable.


IntelliShop offers the most reliable and highly detailed shoppers in the industry. Their attention to detail and timely execution of projects is why we’ve been working with them for over 12 years and the reason they are our trusted partner.