Franchise Compliance and Royalty Assurance

Ensure That Franchisees Are Compliant

As a franchisor, your primary goals are maintaining brand integrity, assuring that franchisees are compliant with contractual purchasing, accurate financial reporting, and overall brand value and integrity. Unfortunately, in any franchise concept some bad actors get in and attempt to get around these requirements.

High-performing franchisees who truly help grow your brand, sales, and profits don't want to be part of a system where under-reporting, outright cheating, or other such malfeasance goes unchallenged; they expect you to protect their investment.

A strategic, custom-designed audit program by IntelliShop will assure that franchisees are compliant and reporting accurately and completely. Such programs almost always pay for themselves in the incremental revenue we help find and recoup.

What to Expect from Franchise Compliance and Royalty Assurance

We assure compliance with the agreements your franchisees sign and that their sales reports and other financial statements are accurate. Our independent audits of franchisees are done on a consistent basis to ensure objectivity, consistency, and fairness. Everyone has heard the stories of franchisees who setup ghost P.O.S. systems, use unauthorized raw materials, and sell company-branded products in unapproved and unreported ways, costing companies into the millions of dollars in lost royalties. Some of the service we use to address these issues include:

  • Royalty Auditing
  • Proactive Royalty Assurance Programs
  • Brand Standards Compliance Auditing
  • Fraud investigations
  • Post Termination non-compete covenant and de-identification investigations.
  • Integrity Mystery Shopping

IntelliShop’s services will identify if such issues exist in your organization, stop them quickly, and help you claw-back the under-reported payments due.

Protect Your Franchise

Protecting your future takes trust in your franchisees to do what's expected. But sadly, you can't always rely on them to live up to your standards. We work for you to make sure they do.

Our experts have decades of experience in securing and shoring up the outliers. Their experience and expertise will protect you from lost revenue caused by fraud and human errors.

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Benefits of Franchise Compliance and Royalty Assurance

You Get Piece of Mind

Our highly experienced team know what to look for and how to look for it. Get to the root of the issues being faced by working with a team that knows how to cut out what doesn’t matter and dig in to what does.

You Get the Consistency that is Key to Success

Franchise inconsistencies can kill a burgeoning brand. The audits and investigations that we employ ensure that everyone is on the same page. Personnel, stores, displays, and promotions are all in line with the franchise goals and values and nothing goes unnoticed.

Eliminate Issues Before They Become Issues

With our assurance programs, we tap into thousands of field resources around the world. Using our team allows you to focus on revenue and profit drivers, instead of completing operational checklists. You can spend your time doing what helps your business grow, not babysit what should be running independently.

You Get a Best-in-Class Team of Experts

We have a dedicated team support approach, which includes a Director of Client Services, a Client Services Coordinator and a Field Staff Coordinator. These experts dive into your data and metrics with the intent to help you grow. We provide actionable data points to help demonstrate ROI and other success metrics.

What Makes IntelliShop the Best

We Focus on the Details and Easily Showing you Results

Our experience gives us the expertise to deliver the data but see the bigger picture. Within one to three days, you will receive a detailed report, with the option to include digital photos and/or HD video, that’s easily accessible through our custom web portal.

Build Your ROI Not Your Spend

Our job is to support you and serve you. Not upsell you and keep you on hold. We love our repeat clients. But we understand that they come back because we build the bottom line, not drain the coffers. You deserve a partner who understand the important of your budget.

We Have a Foundation in Excellence

With a practice built from the ground up by Mike Mershimer and Mike Miller, our loss prevention and compliance programs are built with you and your security in mind. With a wide network of certified investigators we can easily cut down to what matters and eliminate what doesn’t.

We’re Not a Provider, We’re Your Partner

We are driven by company values and success. Your company values and your success. We work with you hand in hand to understand what makes you tick and why you do what you do. We push forward while you have peace of mind in knowing that your brand is understood and in good hands.

Don't Fall Victim to Franchise Theft

A seamless and uniform experience from location to location is crucial to a brand identity. Shady practices can harm any brand's bottom line. Make sure your brand heads off any potential (and preventable) losses.

Our team of auditors will find problems and keep you informed every step of the way. From the moment the auditor hits the parking lot until well after they leave, you'll know if your franchisees are dropping the ball, or worse.

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Time-Saving Programs

IntelliShop is great at helping us adjust along the way. They have been super helpful. It has been such a huge help, and will only continue to get better. The amount of time the program has saved us has been unfathomable.