Online Review Monitoring and Management

A Team to Monitor, Respond To, and Analyze All Your Reviews

Did you know only 9% of consumers would consider engaging with a business that had a 1- or 2-star average rating and approximately half of consumers are willing to travel farther and pay more in order to patronize a business with higher reviews?

If this is news to you, then we are here to help!

IntelliShop provides a full-service review monitoring and responding solution so you to take the guesswork out of managing your online reputation and customer reviews. We do the work, from discovery through response, reporting through analytics. You receive actionable customer and competitor insights you can use to improve overall customer experience and drive operational changes.

We'll work with you to understand your goals, develop a plan and a playbook, and then we'll execute. Routine reporting, and periodic recaps in which we summarize the data and make recommendations, will help you drive improvement.

What Makes IntelliShop the Best

Analytics You Can Understand

We understand the value of time. Everything we find and see has to be easy and simple to digest and work with. We’ve been on your side of the table. We know exactly what you need to get the most from your information.

Target More than Just Review Sites

Everyone knows to look at Yelp!. Facebook, and Google Reviews. What happens when people are giving you reviews that aren’t on those sites? Places like Instagram, Twitter and more? We know how to find them, respond, and handle them for you.

Multiple CX Services = Clearer Customer Picture

If you’re a client of our other services, we'll integrate all the data to bring you a broad picture of your overall customer experience, along with advisory services to make sense of it and plan for improvement.

A Team, Not a Tool

We aren't selling a tool, rather, we use smart tools to engage, report, and advise. We bring you actionable insights that drive real improvement and increased revenue. We are your Team - with a deep desire to help you succeed.

What to Expect from Online Review Monitoring and Management

With IntelliShop you get a transparent and true extension of your team. A team to monitor, review and respond to your online reviews, freeing you to focus on more important things. But then we take things a step further. We gather and analyze the information from the online reviews. What are people saying? What are the complaints? What are the pain points? But also, what are the successes? Where are you excelling and surpassing your customer expectations? This is where we shine.

You get a partner that not only monitors and responds, but delivers information you can use to move forward. Information you can use to praise what works and correct what doesn’t. You get actionable and important insights to grow your brand and improve your customers’ experience.

Reviews Speak Volumes

What people say about you can either elevate your brand or bring it crashing down. It's our job to make sure you brand is safe and in good hands.

Our experts can make sure your reputation grows and builds into something stronger. Whether you need someone to simply monitor and grow, or turn it all around. We can help. See what insights we can bring.

Let's Check Your Online Reviews

Benefits of Online Review Monitoring and Management

You Get More Reviews

A recent study by Harvard Business School showed that for every 1-star rating improvement, companies can expect a 5-9% sales increase. But just getting any reviews can be the hardest part. We have the skills and know-how to engage in outreach campaigns and increase the number of reviews you receive. Then, we'll help improve those ratings to help you drive increased revenue.

We're an Extension of Your Team

This isn't a tool you use every now and then. It's a fully functioning team of industry experts who watch and monitor your brand in the digital landscape. You're kept in the loop 24/7 and will always know what's going on. We don’t simply provide a dashboard or report and call it day, we take the time to analyze the information to tell you what the data is saying, how it relates to your business goals and what actions you can take.

Customized Competitor Intelligence

Often, your competition isn't just other national brands, it's more local than that. We'll setup your program with that in mind. We're not just watching you, we're also watching them, for you. Your competitors’ customers are just as active as yours. Sometimes they are yours. We’ll make sure that when your competitors slip, you'll know it quickly. When they fall short, you'll be able to take advantage of it. When their reviews are all trending towards the negative you will know and be advised on how to take control of the situation and come out on top.

Improve Your Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Ranking

Search engines have used online reputation as a ranking metric for years. Your review scores and your ratings are not the only thing that a search engine will look at. They will also look at sentiment. They will look at whether or not you respond. When you engage, you’re showing that you not only care – but you care enough to make things right. Oh, and this is not just good for SEO…it's good for your business in general.

Request Your Free Scorecard

Your reputation can mean everything for your brand. We monitor and and manage online reviews. We drive more reviews on the sites that matter and we engage the negatives to help you recover and use those to your advantage.

Do more than just see how well you're generating reviews, responding to reviews, and how your reviews are trending. Get deep and rich insights from your online reviews that you can turn into actionable steps to improvement.

Let's Turn Insights into Action

Clients First, Always

IntelliShop has great client services managers. They work hard and put the client first, always. They worked hard to meet our constant requests for change and improvement and provided a friendly and non-combative response, even when we pressed them hard.