Shopper Hub Glossary


Definition: verb – To indicate to the scheduler that you would like to perform a given shop, for the indicated pay and by the indicated Due Date. This option is used when a shop cannot be self-assigned, or where it could be self-assigned but the shopper does not meet the minimum grade or profile.

Example: His shopper grade was not high enough to self-assign, but he applied for the shop and the scheduler assigned him.

See also: Job Board, Self-Assign

Cancel citation

Definition: noun – A note on a shopper’s record that negatively affects the shopper’s overall rating and indicates to other schedulers that the shopper canceled a shop after having it assigned. This citation is typically given only if the cancellation came the day before or the day the shop is due, or if the shop involved setup work beyond simple online assignment (for example, if an item needed to be mailed to the shopper).


Definition: noun – A note on a shopper’s record that affects the shopper’s score either negatively or positively and gives valuable information to other schedulers.

Example: John Doe has several negative citations on his record, which pull his shopper score down to a 6, even though he gets 9s and 10s on most shops he performs.

Synonyms: Cite

See also: Flake citation, Hero citation, Cancel citation

Due date

Definition: noun ­– The date a shopper must perform a given shop by. The shop may be performed before the due date, as long as it is after the start date. The report is due within 12 hours of the shop’s performance.

Example: Even though the due date isn’t until Friday, I’ll perform the shop on Wednesday.

See also: Start date


Definition: verb – To be assigned a shop, but not perform it or notify one’s scheduler that it will not be performed on or before the due date.

Example: That shopper should not be assigned that shop, since the last time he was assigned a shop, he flaked.

Definition: noun – slang – A shopper that habitually does not perform assigned shops by the due date, and does not notify the scheduler in advance.

Example: One should not count on that shopper; he is a flake.

Flake citation

Definition: noun – A note on a shopper’s record that negatively affects the shopper’s overall rating and indicates to other schedulers that the shopper did not perform a shop by its due date or timely notify the scheduler that the shop would not be performed.

GPS Verifier

Definition: noun – A feature available through JobSlinger's smartphone app that allows you to use your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Android's internal GPS to mark your spot so we can confirm you were at the correct location. It is NOT required, but certainly adds legitimacy to your report! You'll obtain a code through the app that you can enter into the report. This code will tell us exactly where you were, on what date, and at what time.

Example: That shopper used GPS Verifier to prove that he visited the correct store location.

Definition: verb – To use JobSlinger’s app to confirm the date and time one is at a location.

Example: I know that shopper was at that store; he GPS Verified it.

Hero citation

Definition: noun – A note on a shopper’s record that positively affects the shopper’s overall rating and indicates to other schedulers that the shopper can be counted on.

Job Board

Definition: noun­ ­– The platform on which a shopper can browse available shops in an area. Shoppers can search for shops by state or zip code, see a map of every location, and learn the details and pay of each shop. From the Job Board, one can either self-assign or apply for a shop.

Example: Nobody emailed me about this shop, but I found it on the Job Board.

See also: Apply, Self-assign


Definition: verb – To automatically assign a shop to one’s self. This option is only available for some shops, and should not be exercised unless the shopper is able to complete the shop on or before the due date and for the indicated pay.

See also: Apply, Job Board

Shopper profile

Definition: noun – A collection of information provided by the shopper, including demographic information, that helps determine whether a given shopper is a candidate for a given shop.

Start date

Definition: noun – The first day on which a shopper may permissibly perform an assigned shop. Shops performed before the start date can not be accepted.

Example: I wanted to perform that shop on Friday, but the start date was not until Saturday.

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