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Your Shop Log: Preparing For and Submitting Shops

Your Due Date

For every shop that you are assigned, you will have a due date. This is the date that we need your location shopped by. Your location can be shopped on or before your due date, but make sure you look at your start date. Some shoppers tend to complete their shop ON their assigned due date; however we prefer the shop is done on or before your assigned due date. Your report must be submitted within 12 hours of your due date.

Confirming Your Shops

For every shop you are assigned, you MUST log into your shop log and click on “CONFIRM”. This must be done with in 24 hours of being assigned the shop. If the shop is not confirmed, it will be canceled and you may be issued a cancellation citation which will lower your shop grade with us. If you do not confirm your shop, that does not mean your shop will automatically be canceled; you must email your coordinator to inform them that you cannot complete your shop.

Viewing Your Guidelines

You will find your shop guidelines linked from the shop in your Shop Log. The link will be grayed out until you've "confirmed" the shop and refreshed your browser.

Viewing Your Report

To view your report, follow the "View/Submit" link from the shop in your Shop Log. If the link is grayed out, make sure that you have "Confirmed" the shop, read the shop guidelines, and refreshed your browser.

Submitting Additional Documents

When faxing or emailing supplemental documents to complete your reports, please include your Job ID number. This will expedite the process of completing your report.

What if I can't perform my shop as assigned?


If you have accepted a shop assignment and need an extension, it is your responsibility to email or call your coordinator as early as possible to explain the situation. In many cases, coordinators are flexible and able to work with you. When you contact your coordinator be sure to include all information including your name, email, shop identification number, shop location, and date you can perform the shop by.


If you are unable to perform your shop, please notify your coordinator right away. If you are not sure who your coordinator is, use the "Help/Contact" link from the shop in your Shop Log. While we prefer that you only accept shops if you are 100% certain you can perform them according to the shop posting, it is better to cancel in advance than to "flake".

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