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Don’t be a Victim of Common Mystery Shopping Scams

Mystery shopping has long been used for market/customer experience research. Unfortunately, there are as many consumer scams as there are legitimate market research companies. Therefore, consumers who are interested in mystery shopping are advised to thoroughly research any...

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Mystery Shopper Recruitment Scam

Unfortunately, another scam has recently emerged. Scammers have purchased the website domain:, and are posing as employees of IntelliShop to recruit and scam evaluators. If you have received an email from what looks like an IntelliShop team member, but has the...

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Recruitment Scam

Please be aware that people misrepresenting themselves as employees of IntelliShop have been attempting to recruit individuals to participate in a fraudulent mystery shopping program. The scammers are recruiting on LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, as well as other job posting sites. They...

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Like A Mystery Shopper

by Matt Liasse, Field Staff Coordinator Mystery shopping is a way to provide companies with vital information on customer experience. It’s also a way for someone to get paid while running an everyday errand. Below are five tips to remember while trekking on a mystery shopping...

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Glassdoor Job Posting Fraud

Please be aware of this job posting on Glassdoor seeking mystery shoppers for IntelliShop as it is NOT a posting that WE put on the site. We wanted all of our interested shoppers to be aware of this fraudulent posting that does not even link to our appropriate shopper sign up...

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Website Fraud

Please be aware of the site as it is NOT our company’s website. This is a fraudulent website that is a direct copy of our IntelliShop website that all shoppers should be aware of. Please know that if you receive any form of communication either from this...

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Checking Scam

Please be aware that persons misrepresenting themselves as employees of IntelliShop have been attempting to recruit individuals to participate in a fraudulent mystery shopping program. The scams vary slightly, but the overarching structure is the same, wherein a packet is mailed...

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From Don't Fall for This LinkedIn Mystery Shopper Job Scam Avoid getting conned on the networking site. Plus: Learn how to earn extra cash as a legitimate mystery shopper. By Cameron Huddleston, March 18, 2015 Mystery shopping is a great way to earn extra...

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MSPA Issues Release About Attempted Scam Against IntelliShop and Consumers

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Andrea Parr Director of Public Relations and Digital Media (502) 574-9934 Scam Alert Louisville, KY (March 11, 2015) - The MSPA-NA (formerly known as the Mystery Shopping Providers Association of North America), the trade...

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LinkedIn Scam

WARNING: people are attempting to defraud consumers out of money using IntelliShop’s name. Many of these are coming via LinkedIn messages, and are using different names of people with a “Ph.D.” by their name. IntelliShop does not recruit via LinkedIn, we do not send checks to...

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