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LinkedIn Scam

WARNING: people are attempting to defraud consumers out of money using IntelliShop’s name. Many of these are coming via LinkedIn messages, and are using different names of people with a “Ph.D.” by their name. IntelliShop does not recruit via LinkedIn, we do not send checks to...

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Wait – Why do I have to choose a specific date?

You may have noticed something new when applying for a mystery shop for IntelliShop recently: when you apply, some of our shops now require you to choose a specific date on which you will perform the shop. The schedulers here at IntelliShop know that one of the best things about...

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IntelliShop and RateWatch Announce Partnership

New Study Finds Big Banks Exhibit Better Sales Skills than Small Institutions Credit unions and small community banks are missing the opportunity to grab market share from major financial institutions due to lack of sales effort according to a new study released jointly by...

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What Happened to Spell Check?

The spell check feature, once found at the bottom of our reports, has officially been removed. All current browsers have spell check built in. If yours does not have spell check you can use a program like Word to spell check your narratives, or you can download the newest...

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Saving your Reports

From time to time we get emails and phone calls from shoppers that filled out a report, and returned to it later to find out that their info wasn’t saved. This is extremely frustrating to everyone! When you’re filling out a report please be sure to save it! That little pop up...

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Did you know you could…

…remove applications? It has happened to all of us, you apply for a shop that you really want to do, and then something pops up. Most shoppers leave their application and wait to cancel until it is officially assigned to them. However, you can delete your applications so that...

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Our phone number is changing!

Starting immediately, if you need to contact your scheduler or have questions about your shop, please call 866-234-1423. We have noticed many shoppers call in to ask the same basic questions, so we added some information on our most frequently asked questions in a recording....

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Think of it as a coupon!

We often search online for a coupon for the oil change we need. We go through the paper every Sunday, clipping the best coupons. We may even pay for books filled with coupons. We sometimes forget that Mystery Shopping can be better than coupons! If you visit our Job Board before...

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I can’t find my guidelines…HELP!?

A lot of the companies that IntelliShop works with require us to evaluate different departments, scenarios, cars, etc. Our website will only allow for one guideline upload. To prevent the confusion that may result from combining the various instructions into one enormous set of...

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Shopper Rating – what’s my rating?

IntelliShop uses a shopper rating to determine the quality ranking of our mystery shoppers. This is an internal point system which helps the scheduling team measure our shoppers’ commitment, reliability, report quality, ability to follow instructions, and experience level. The...

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