3 Ways to Improve the Buy Online Pick-Up In Store (BOPIS) Customer Experience

Are your stores primed to compete with Amazon’s “Buy Online Pick-up In Store” (BOPIS) service? In 2019, Business Insider reported that 68 percent of consumers “click and collect” as an increasing number of brick-and-mortar retailers offer this service. But last year, by late June, BOPIS had grown by 554%.

It can often be challenging, though, for brick-and-mortar retailers to find their identity within the BOPIS experience. How do your customers want to experience this service? How can you improve the execution?

"BOPIS is the fastest growing area of retail, but most retailers are not optimized for the process,” Greg Buzek, president of IHL Group, a business management consulting firm, said in a press release. “Whether the systems are not yet optimized for the process or associates are not properly trained and engaged, there are many improvements that can be made.”

When BOPIS was first introduced, it was more of a quick hack to stop the bleeding from the increase of online shoppers. As retailers continue to compete against lower online prices and lower margins with this channel, it’s become critical for retailers to provide a better customer experience during a BOPIS exchange. Here are three ways retailers can improve the BOPIS experience.

1. Personalized Care

According to the aforementioned Retail Dive article, 85 percent of consumers buy something additional when they arrive at a store to pick up their online purchase. Retailers should view e-commerce, then, as a means to help supplement their in-store efforts and provide the same personalized care as they would in any other customer interaction.

When a customer arrives to pick up a purchase in store, train your associates to provide personalized recommendations based on their purchase. An Accenture study found that 91 percent of customers are more likely to buy products from companies that use their name, provide personal recommendations, and know their preferences. For example, if a customer is picking up a formal dress, you could recommend your in-store tailor or dry-cleaning services. Or, if a customer is picking up a winter coat, you could point them in the direction of your cold weather gear, like scarves, hats, and gloves.

2. Clear Signage

easy bopis customer experience

There can be a number of reasons why your customers chose the BOPIS channel. Maybe they wanted a faster solution to receive their order, like guaranteed same day availability. Perhaps they aren’t familiar with your store layout. That’s where reducing friction in your BOPIS customer experience is critical.

According to IHL Group’s BOPIS State of the Industry report, providing clear signage directing customers to pick up locations cuts the time it takes to complete the pickup process in half. The report also found that signage can increase the likelihood of a customer using the BOPIS service again and recommending it to others by 14 percent.

3. Automation

Automated package lockers, which allow customers to scan order confirmation barcodes on their phone at sensors and retrieve their orders from automated machines, can help optimize your BOPIS program. According to a survey of Gen Z consumers, 60 percent said the availability of automated pickup lockers affected which retailers they chose to buy from.

Retailers using automated pickup typically experience a 28 percent improvement in pickup time speed, per the IHL report. In the case of Walmart, for example, the report says pickup times improved by 60 percent and order accuracy by 7 percent. In addition, the increased the likelihood for impulse purchases by 12 percent.

Improve Your BOPIS Experience

As BOPIS continues to expand, retailers will need to optimize their BOPIS strategies to compete in the online marketplace and continue to meet customer expectations. From the online experience, to the purchase process, to pick up and the post-purchase customer experience, IntelliShop’s solutions are proven to improve operational strategies and processes and improve customer satisfaction. Contact IntelliShop today to request a consultation.

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