How Micro Moments are Maximizing the Customer Experience

Each person experiences 20,000 moments every day, so says Nobel Prize-winning scientist Daniel Kahnema. Among these moments, there are what Google calls “micro moments,” or moments when someone is looking for answers, discovering new things, or making a decision to know, go, do, or buy. In these moments, customers are drawn to the brands that deliver on their needs. Here’s how top brands are leveraging these micro moments to interact and build relationships with customers.

I-Want-To-Know Moments: Create Useful Content

Before smartphones, customers would have to look up recipes in a cookbook, visit their doctor to learn about diseases, and look up movie times in the newspaper. Now, customers turn to their nearest device—their smartphone. In today’s digital age, brands need to provide experiences that are relevant to their customer’s needs in the moment and quickly connect people to the answers they’re looking for.

From bleach to ranch to cat litter, The Clorox Company serves as the perfect example of creating useful content for these types of micro moments. For example, someone searching for easy dinner recipes will see recipes from Hidden Valley ranch. Or a mother looking for flu prevention tips will easily find the Clorox Cold n’ Flu tracker. Even someone looking to be entertained by Internet cats will be greeted with cat videos by Fresh Step Litter. Creating content that meets the different needs and interests of your customers shows them that you care and will help you provide a more holistic customer experience.

I-Want-To-Go Moments: Be Ahead of the Game

Don’t forget about the moment before the action. It’s important for brands to be there for customers by anticipating the micro moments and committing to helping when those moments occur.

Waze, for example, stores its users’ data to remember its users’ daily routines and help them out when they appear to be getting into trouble. For example, Waze might send push notifications of a road closure to drivers who typically take that route. What could have been a moment of frustration for the user, is now the moment where they became more loyal to the brand.

I-Want-To-Do Moments: Personalize the Experience

Not every micro moment has to be on a mobile device. After finding answers from your brand on a search engine, the next step along the customer journey is to go to the store. It’s important for brick and mortar stores to capitalize on the physical moments their customers experience, too.

When you go to Nordstrom, for example, associates know when you’ve entered the store, which departments you go to, and how long you stay in each department using video surveillance and signals from customers’ smartphones. This way, associates can provide a more personalized experience by greeting customers by name and providing personalized recommendations.

I-Want-To-Buy Moments: Reduce Friction

It’s important to close the loop for customers who are ready to make a purchase. Whether it’s by helping a customer decide between two products or streamlining the purchase process, brands want to win these critical moments.

How many times have you reconsidered a purchase when standing in a long line, or even decided not to buy something purely because of the long line? That’s why Apple, for example, removed cash registers from its stores, so customers no longer have to wait in long lines. Associates can walk right up to customers and allow them to buy products right in that moment, creating a frictionless customer experience.

Evaluate Your Micro Moments

Your customers want what they want, when they want it. It’s important that your brand is delivering on their ever-evolving needs.

At IntelliShop, our mystery shopping solutions are designed to evaluate the customer experience throughout the entire customer journey, from the I-want-to-know moment to the I-want-to-buy moment, and beyond. We’ll then present our findings to you in a detailed, actionable InSite™ report to create a real and effective plan to help your business continue to meet and exceed the needs of your customers. Contact IntelliShop today to see how we can help you improve the micro moments at your organization.

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