Mystery Shopping Unfiltered

Customer experience is more critical than ever to your success. What better of a way to fully understand the customer experience than with unfiltered video mystery shopping evaluations.

You can train and train and train your associates on anything and everything about your brand. How you want them to greet customers, talk about your products, encourage a sale, and so much more. But, how do you know that your associates are doing all of that, all the time? As important as customer experience is today, it is no surprise that well-trained employees are a top priority for companies. For a company with many locations, it may seem nearly impossible to ensure all employees are performing to your highest standards. Even small business owners aren’t in the store 24/7 to make sure their proper training is providing the best customer experience. How can you know for certain that your well-trained, and trusted employees are providing the experience your customers expect?

One of the most innovative and insightful services within mystery shopping is the addition of video evaluations. Being able to see your brand through the eyes of your customers can help you fully understand your customer’s experience and produce measurable ROI for your business. In turn, taking your associate’s performance to the next level.

Think about it, what’s more accurate than your customer’s real-life experience through video? This isn’t something you can get through a regular mystery shopping program. These video evaluations allow you to find out exactly what it’s like on the front lines - word-for-word. They even capture the nuances that matter, like body language and tone of voice in order to easily differentiate acceptable from exceptional customer experiences. Plus, these videos can later be utilized as in-house training videos, allowing future associates to learn from these real-life customer experiences.

Given to you in the high-definition quality you expect, and need, to fully access each interaction, video evaluations take mystery shopping to the extreme. By capturing your customer’s real interactions as they happen, you can easily see and hear exactly what it’s like to experience your brand from your customer’s point of view. Helping you take your business to the next level. Check out some real-life examples of our work here. Get started with a video mystery shopping program with help from the customer experience experts at IntelliShop.

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Accurate, Immediate, and Relevant

Our mystery shop program has been that change agent for us. This program has helped instill great confidence in the accuracy, immediacy and relevance of the data – which has driven operational improvements, a better guest experience and positive business results.