Serving Up a Tasty Customer Experience

The restaurant industry is continuously evolving and updating technologies to provide the ultimate customer experience; however, even the fastest and most expensive technology cannot keep your customers coming back. According to UpServe, it’s crucial to improve customer experience through service, not just money (or the technology that walks hand-in-hand with it).

The most loyal customer following stems from a strong management team and robust interpersonal skills. The personal connection your team makes with your customers is what will drive your sales and increase your fan-base, so to speak.

Nielsen’s article states “Ninety-two percent of consumers around the world say they trust earned media, such as word-of-mouth or recommendations from friends and family, above all other forms of advertising”. Building loyalty is pivotal—let us help redefine your CX program to keep you on top.

The Latest Trends

Mobile ordering apps and self-service kiosks are the most common technological advances seen in fast casual restaurant industry. But are you losing the personal touch by simplifying the ordering process for your guests? According to Toast, there are three major benefits from implementing such technology: faster ordering, lower costs and of course, increased efficiency. Those benefits alone are surely enough for many owners to make the switch, but what about the personal experience? When ordering from a kiosk, there is minimal, if any, human interaction. Without human interaction or some form of personal touch, your restaurant is less likely to increase sales.

Listening to your employee’s voice is another trend that is redefining customer experience. Happy employees are more likely to deliver great experiences to customers because they feel fully invested in their roles. When your staff feels as though their voice is heard and opinions are valued, they interact with customers more confidently. Gathering employee feedback through internal surveys is an exceptional way to empower them to create pleasurable experiences with your customers.

The last trend that is revolutionizing the restaurant vertical includes measuring and managing big data. When businesses can analyze large data sets, they are able to discover patterns. Those associations, for example, can help determine employee schedules and uncover general ordering habits. You’re able to improve quality (and expand your customer base and overall experience) when big data is analyzed appropriately. Upon analyzation, you should develop strong action plans to enable operational changes, as well as improve upon your current processes.

How IntelliShop Can Help

Our strong internal client services team, as well as our partnerships with many platforms, can help gather insights and improve your customer experience. Unlike our competitors, we provide analytics and suggestions based on our findings. Implementing these trends, as well as a partnership with IntelliShop, can help improve your ROI and provide findings that will increase brand loyalty.

Together, we can keep your most valued customers coming back for more. If you’re interested in serving up a tasty customer experience, Contact IntelliShop today to request a consultation.

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