Top Business New Year Resolutions for 2019

As 2018 came to a close, I’m sure you had a chance to reflect on the past year. What worked. What didn’t. Where you are versus where you want to be. The question always comes down to what more can I do to improve my business for 2019? Check out these New Year’s Resolutions for businesses for 2019.

  1. Focus on inclusive leadership
  2. Share knowledge
  3. Adopt a nonprofit
  4. Define goals quarterly
  5. Take time for professional development
  6. Create a healthier work environment
  7. Optimize the customer experience (IntelliShop’s personal favorite)
  8. Improve resource planning
  9. Improve relationships
  10. Develop a culture of learning

Are you implementing any of these resolutions into your business tactics for this year?


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Safe Experience

IntelliShop’s COVID-19 Compliance Check and Greeter Services are instrumental in the successful execution of our health and safety requirements. Our high IntelliShop Audit scores provide us the confidence in our stores ability to pass any external audits conducted by local health, safety, labor, or other agencies, while at the same time creating an environment that promotes a safe shopping experience for our customers.
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