Top Holiday Shopping Trends for 2018

So you’ve made it past the craziness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday but what is there to say about the rest of this holiday season? Take a look at this holiday season’s top 5 shopping trends.

  1. Higher spending. While 87% of shoppers will be looking for for the best deals when it comes to places to shop, the greatest deals will also lead to higher overall spending. Plus, 36% of millennials are most likely to spend more money with a retailer known for great customer service. According to Forbes, holiday spending is projected to rise by 4.5% this season.
  2. Experiential gifting. About a third of shoppers plan to give gifts of experiences like wine tastings, travel, concerts, or craft classes instead or in addition to physical gifts.
  3. No more waiting. Long lines are one of the worst parts of holiday shopping. Taking on a new and customized approach to your checkout to reduce long lines and waiting may mean wonders to consumers looking to get in and out as soon as possible.
  4. Mobile marketing. With the projected increase in spends for this season, competition will be heavy for retailers. Consumers are no longer looking through piles and piles of ads. They are turning directly to their cell phones to search the hottest deals and best products. Refine your marketing tactics to a digital-centric experience and easily grab the attention of your consumers.
  5. Free shipping. This is a must. Nearly 61% of consumers say they will not complete an online purchase without securing free shipping first.

While these 5 major shopping trends for 2018 can be beneficial to increasing your revenue, each is greatly impacted by how your customer’s experience your brand. Providing great customer experiences during the busiest shopping time of the year will help your store stand out and in turn improve satisfaction, loyalty, and financial performance. Are you and your team ready to take on the rest of this holiday season?


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