Are you a High-Demand Shopper?

IntelliShop offers mystery shops throughout the US, Canada and more! Many of these shops are in highly populated areas, but others are a little further off the grid.

Shoppers willing to travel are continuously in high demand. If you are planning a trip, or driving somewhere you don’t normally travel, take a look at our Job Board before you leave. We may evaluate a store or a city you didn’t know about!

Shoppers living in remote areas are very few at times, and the client requires that a shopper wait a certain amount of time to re-visit the location. This is so they are not recognized by the employees as a mystery shopper, and so we can get a wide variety of data, opinions and experience from the visits. If you live in one of these remote areas where high-demand shoppers are needed, we really appreciate your help!

Another great thing you can do is to refer your friends and family to IntelliShop. There are often incentives for shoppers willing to go above and beyond at these hard to schedule locations.

So if you recognize yourself as a high-demand shopper, we appreciate what you do!

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Circle K

Matt and Josh [at Intelli-Shop] have been exceptional to work with. They are always readily available and very supportive. It’s been a great partnership!