Don’t you deserve a high-class dinner and night out?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could also be reimbursed in exchange for your feedback of the overall dining experience?

Top 5 Tips to Perform a Perfect Fine Dining Shop:
1. An eye for detail - You must understand what you are required to order, evaluate, and observe. This is very important, and crucial to your overall dining experience. You should always review your shop instructions before performing your shop.
2. Preparation - Review the restaurant’s website and menu before your shop. Most fine dining shops require you to make a reservation 24-48 hours prior to your shop.
3. Understanding of Menu Offerings - Take the time to review the restaurant’s menu before going to your assigned location. By reviewing the menu and website prior to your shop date, you will have some insight into the style and ambiance of the restaurant you will be evaluating. This is especially helpful if you have never dined in the restaurant you are evaluating.
4. What to order? - As you and your guest review the menu, tentatively pick out your meals. Keep in mind that this is not the time to be adventurous, or go overboard. Pick items that you are relatively familiar with, and items you would normally order.
5. Reporting - Fine dining establishments have high standards for service and the reports can call for a lot of details. Worried you won’t remember all shop requirements or that you will forget employee names? Solution – split the duties with your guest! Go to the restroom once or twice during your shop to take notes (secretly); write down delivery times, and/or employee names (smart phones are great for this). The more descriptive and specific you are when reporting your experience, the better!

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