Three Simple Tips for Mystery Shoppers

IntelliShop schedulers are always looking for the absolute best mystery shoppers to perform mystery shops. Here are three simple ways to demonstrate that you are an ideal candidate for any assignment.

1) Be polite and professional: You have a lot on your plate and so do schedulers. Making sure to communicate effectively and appropriately will help you stand out as a mystery shopper who is easy to work with. Schedulers do their best to ask politely when they need something and appreciate that same courtesy. If you have a question or extension request, make sure you are presenting yourself in the best light when you contact a scheduler. If you cannot complete an assigned mystery shop by its due date, try suggesting a date you can reschedule. This will reduce the number of emails that have to be sent back and forth and prove that you are a conscientious mystery shopper.
2) Be reliable: While “life happens” and can sometimes prevent you from completing an assignment on time, mystery shoppers who complete their assignments or keep in contact with their scheduler are the most likely to continue to receive mystery shops they apply for. IntelliShop schedulers need shoppers who will stay true to their word and submit their reports on time. Schedulers understand that things come up, but also have to rely on each and every assigned mystery shopper to come through.
3) Be honest: Schedulers receive all too many notices from mystery shoppers that have to cancel their assignment. Reasons and excuses do not need to be tedious, so if you anticipate problems with completing your assigned shop on time, just say so. Schedulers can work with you on providing an extension more times than not.

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Accurate, Immediate, and Relevant

Our mystery shop program has been that change agent for us. This program has helped instill great confidence in the accuracy, immediacy and relevance of the data – which has driven operational improvements, a better guest experience and positive business results.