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Why are we being so nosy?

One of the questions most often asked is about the Extended Shopper Profile (ESP). I’m often told that people are not comfortable giving us the requested information, or are unclear as to why we ask for such detailed information. The extended shopper profile is extremely important for what we do, and only gets you more mystery shopping assignments (and the opportunity to make more money) when filled out.

Several of our mystery shops have specific demographic requirements that must be met for a shopper to be assigned a shop. Are you wondering why you met all of the requirements for the shop and didn’t get assigned? Be sure to check your ESP as keeping this updated helps you get more assignments. The more information you give us; the more tailored the shop offers you receive will be. Entering what wireless carrier you use, what vehicle you drive, languages you speak, etc. will result in more shop offers. So check out and update your ESP today!

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Clients First, Always

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