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Top Business New Year Resolutions for 2019

As 2018 came to a close, I’m sure you had a chance to reflect on the past year. What worked. What didn’t. Where you are versus where you want to be. The question always comes down to what more can I do to improve my business for 2019? Check out these New Year’s Resolutions for...

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Top Holiday Shopping Trends for 2018

So you’ve made it past the craziness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday but what is there to say about the rest of this holiday season? Take a look at this holiday season’s top 5 shopping trends. Higher spending. While 87% of shoppers will be looking for for the best deals when...

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How An Entirely Fake Restaurant Became London's Hottest Reservation

From By Davis Z. Morris, December 10, 2017 A London-based writer has illustrated how easy it is to manipulate review sites like TripAdvisor, by pushing an entirely nonexistent restaurant to the top spot in all of London. Vice writer Oobah Butler – who also recently...

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How Technology Is Changing the Mystery Shopper World for SMBs

From By Mona Buchnell, December 21, 2017 Online review websites and an increase in low-cost mystery shopping companies have led to more ways for busy entrepreneurs to understand shoppers' minds. Implementing best practice policies, employing experienced managers and...

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IntelliShop Featured in SportsBusiness Journal

IntelliShop was recently featured in a SportsBusiness Journal syndicated study. Check out the article through this link!

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IntelliShop Acquires Clients Of Shops, Training and Results, Inc.

PRESS RELEASE Perrysburg, OH, January 16, 2014 IntelliShop, a leading provider of customer experience research solutions to companies, and organizations across North America, announced today that it is expanding its business serving owners and management companies in the...

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